A brand exists in the minds of the consumers. The image that they reflect on combines all interactions that your company has had with them. It includes your business name, logo, colour scheme, customer service, marketing activities, your product and your values.

When I refer to consumers, I mean all external and internal stakeholders.

Your brand is just as important internally as it is external, as ultimately, your staff will be representing, promoting and selling what you have on offer.

1.    Define your business

To start building your brand, you first need to define what and how you see your business. Are you high-end prestige? Or are you cheap, accessible, and delivering to the masses? When you know your business and where you are positioned in the marketplace you can work out your unique selling point, which you should be reflected in your branding.

2.    Think of your brand as a person

I always find it helpful when designing a brand, to think of the brand as a person and consider their characteristics, right down to how they might dress. You should use these personality characteristics in all your dealings with stakeholders. If your brand is a wholesome, honest, ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ type person, your image should reflect this, as should your dealings with customers.

3. Set a tone and consistent language

Along with the fun stuff, like choosing colours and designing a logo, a quality built brand will also develop an approach with a consistent tone and language to deal with stakeholders, aiming to build long-term relationships.

4.    Develop key messages

Once the tone is set, it is time to think about the key messages that you will be sending. Instead of repeating the same thing over and over, key messages should complement and work with the tone. Ultimately, the key messages will form an integrated marketing plan for the business; being implemented in all print, digital, advertising, and customer service.

5.    Be your biggest ambassador

Finally, my last tip on building a brand is to be your brand's biggest ambassador. If you are proud and passionate about what you do, and do it well, your brand will reflect this and will attract customers.