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LinkedIn pinpoints 15 careers in its Jobs on the Rise report

LinkedIn looked at the roles experiencing the highest year ­over ­year growth between April and October 2020

LinkedIN, Jobs on the Rise

LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman’s online business and employment service, has crunched the data and found that despite the coronavirus pandemic, certain jobs are in great demand.

The past 12 months have been bleak for millions of people who have lost work. However, in turn, this has created some work opportunities in certain areas, particularly in the wider health industry.

Andrew Seaman, LinkedIn’s Senior Editor for Job Search & Careers, said in the report that the company “analysed the data to find which jobs are in demand now – uncovering the fastest ­growing job areas over the past year and ranking them based on a combination of growth in demand and raw number of jobs available”.

“Whether you are looking to get back into the workforce or want to invest your talents in a new area, this data is designed to help you find an available path in confusing times,” Seaman said.

“To identify these ‘Jobs on the Rise’, we looked at the roles experiencing the highest year ­over ­year growth between April and October 2020. We then grouped that data into 15 job areas for you to investigate, which each capture a range of specific but related job titles.

“You’ll find information about education level, necessary skills, median salaries, remote job availability and much more. You can also easily check out the current open jobs or the courses that can help you gain the skills you need.”

The top 15 ‘Jobs on the Rise’ categories are:

• Professionals on the front lines of ecommerce
• Loan and mortgage experts•Health care support staff
• Business development and sales professionals
• Experts in workplace diversity
• Digital marketing professionals
• Nurses
• Education professionals
• Digital content creators
• Professional and personal coaches
• Specialised engineers
• Mental health specialists
• User experience professionals
• Data science specialists
• Artificial intelligence practitioners

With people opting to stay at home, the need for drivers and package handlers, personal shoppers and supply­ chain managers grew. Many jobs do not need a university degree, although 75 per cent of hires have a bachelor’s degree or higher. There are more than 400,000 openings available with a salary between US$42,000 and US$56,000.

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