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An ecosystem for entrepreneurs: Unstoppables

How do you spark a fire in the icy-cold climes of Antarctica? Bring together 106 of Australia’s brightest entrepreneurs and business leaders.


On 25 January 2015, the future of Australian business changed. The country’s sharpest entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders embarked on a powerful journey to the Earth’s southernmost continent, Antarctica. They were boldly dubbed the ‘Unstoppables’.

Brazilian self-made millionaire Julio De Laffitte founded the Unstoppables movement with the aim to raise the financial intelligence of Australia and ignite entrepreneurial spirit. He worked closely with co-founder and project director Priscila Duarte to encourage more than 100 elite business brains from a diverse range of sectors to travel to one of the harshest yet most beautiful and awe-inspiring places in the world for an 11-day think tank.

The location ensured attendees, including myself, were removed from daily distractions, allowing networking between savvy entrepreneurs, millionaire business leaders, and industry heavyweights and inspiring radical thinking. We participated in a series of workshops hosted by top-flight facilitators and corporate leaders to foster fresh concepts and come back with the energy to ultimately shape the future of Australian business.

Similar to the Australian business environment, it wasn’t long before we were required to adapt. Mother Nature had thrown us a curve ball, delaying our adventure by several days due to poor weather; however, we showed resilience and persistence to finally achieve our goal and get to our destination. These qualities, and everything else we were to discover and take in, would prove to be just as relevant to our professional spheres back home as they were in Antarctica.

Kaya Finlayson from SoDUS Films documented the entire expedition and interviewed each of us for the Unstoppables documentary—capturing memories that would be cherished for a lifetime.

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