The business world is currently flooded with stories surrounding gender inequality and unconscious bias. Rightfully so, but in an effort to be the change I want to see, I’m excited to feature not only a few Australian entrepreneurs who are kicking goals in spite of the obstacles, but women who are leading the way in unexpected fields where men have previously dominated.

Female business leaders

Women & Wine

    1. Corrina Wright — Director & Winemaker Oliver’s Taranga

      I first met Corrina on a women’s yoga retreat I took in Bali. I immediately loved her ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude and have come to find out the way she runs her wine business Oliver’s Taranga is no different. Coming from a family of winemakers, Corrina is the first female in the family to get her hands dirty actually making the wine and it’s winning awards right left and centre. In her spare time she’s a passionate advocate for gender equality, sits on the board of Australian Women in Wine and manages to champion her husband’s new craft beer company, Swell Brewing Co, all while raising a couple of kids. How do you make it look so easy Corrina?

Women & Wealth

  1. Fiona Rowland — Independent Wealth Adviser & Non-Executive Director

    Having grown up surrounded by unconventional thinking as the daughter of prestigious caterer Peter Rowland, innovation is nothing new to Fiona Rowland. The family approach to business may have left its mark, but Fiona has truly carved her own path as a private wealth adviser to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and firms, with a particular focus on impact investing, family wealth and superannuation. After having left leadership roles at ANZ, UBS Wealth Management and JB Were to take the helm as CEO at Bennelong Wealth Partners, Fiona is now an independent Non-Executive Director and adviser passionate about educating women on taking an active involvement in their own wealth.
    “When women haven’t been surrounded by investment discussions, they’re often overwhelmed and intimidated, usually by the jargon itself,” says Fiona. “Straightforward, non-threatening investment 101 courses like the one I teach for Private Wealth Network (PWN) demystify the jargon, explain key principles and most importantly, provide the flags and sign posts to decode the language and behaviour.” Don’t miss Fiona’s talks for PWN in Sydney and Melbourne this October and November.

    Women of the World

  2. Lorraine Elliott – Founder & Publisher, Not Quite Nigella

    Lorraine is the founder and publisher of Australia’s most popular food and travel blog, Not Quite Nigella. A former Advertising Media Strategist, she’s travelled the world blogging since 2007 after friends and family nagged her to finally invest herself in her passion. Not Quite Nigella now has over 300,000 unique readers per month and an Instagram page that’s nothing short of drool-worthy. A true content queen and one-woman powerhouse, Lorraine’s memoir was published by Penguin Books in 2013 and gives insight into what it takes to build your own online success story. Follow the stunningly beautiful Lorraine on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.

  3. Women Who Blend

  4. Cinzia Cozzolino – Nutritionist & Founder, Smoothie Bombs

    When I hear about a product from three different people in a one-week period, I know it’s something I have to check out. Being a time-poor, smoothie-loving entrepreneur and single mother myself, I was incredibly excited to discover Smoothie Bombs. These action packed little cubes have everything you need to get your day off to a delicious start. Simply add water or milk and one piece of fruit and you’re off to the races! Created by Nutrition Darling Founder, nutritionist and educator Cinzia Cozzolino, Smoothie Bombs are taking Australia by storm.