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10 ways to be an influential leader

The business world is about to get a whole lot richer.

Leaders of Australia’s business industry come together every year to celebrate the height of excellence within the corporate world.

From business moguls Harry Triguboff and Gina Rinehart to esteemed executives Suzy Nicoletti, Pip Marlow, Janine Allis, Michael Ebeid and Sean Hunt, more than 5,000 guests have gathered to celebrate The CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards since its inception in 2012.

The past decade has seen a wealth of knowledge and expertise shared among judges, finalists and winners, making the business community all the richer.

Having endured the recent events that the coronavirus pandemic threw at the world, embracing the tips and tricks from industry leaders is paramount not only to business success, but also fundamental for professionals striving to climb the C-suite.

And the prestigious judging panel for the 10th iteration of the Executive of the Year Awards is doing just that. Discover some of the most powerful pieces of advice from some of Australia’s finest executives.

Best advice from top executives

Be a role model

“The majority of people want to do the right thing at work; sometimes they don’t know how. It is the leader’s role to help them get there.” – Rosi Fernandez, Managing Director, La Prairie Group Australia and New Zealand

Continually learn

“I’m essentially a sponge and gather and retain a whole host of intelligence from which I filter and use the best. You also have to learn the difference between good advice and bad, because there are so many people who try and give you advice, whether you want it or not.” – Dorry Kordahi, Co-Owner and President, Illawarra Hawks and Managing Director and Co-Owner, DKM Blue

Be a responsible leader

“Foster an inclusive environment, diversity; show compassion and openness.” – Grant Barling, General Manager, Maserati Australia and New Zealand

Believe in yourself

“Stay true and stay positive. As long as you believe, you can achieve anything in life that you set your mind to.” – John Karagounis, Managing Director and CEO, The CEO Circle

Surround yourself with experts

“Don’t try and be great at everything. Know your strengths and focus on developing them, but also surround yourself with people who complement you so that collectively you can be great.” – Louise Adams, Group Chief Operating Officer, Aurecon Australia and New Zealand

Take every opportunity to grow

“You never lose in business. Either you win or you learn.” – Lynette Phillips, Founder and CEO, MAXMEDIALAB and MAXCONNECTORS

Understand the whole business

“A wiser and older CEO once told me and guided me to tick all the boxes – learn different parts of a business from sales and marketing to manufacturing and operations.” – Soren Trampedach, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Work Club Global

Always keep moving

“Morry Schwartz AM once told me, ‘You are the best at what you do, you must believe and have faith in that and get out there and get it done! No looking back.’” – Tim Gurner, Owner, GURNER

Find the beauty in mistakes

“Mistakes are often the best gifts we can receive. Why? Because that’s how we learn. I’m a firm believer that adversity can provide our greatest opportunity for personal and professional development and that failure can often be the prerequisite to innovation. For every mistake made there is always an important underlying lesson. It’s important to never view your mistakes as regrets but instead as learnings and opportunities. Being transparent and adequately managing and learning from your mistakes is equally as important as celebrating your successes.” – Tobi Pearce, CEO, Sweat

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