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John Eric T Francia, CEO of AC Energy Holdings

John Eric T Francia

John Eric T Francia is a master multitasker who, until not that long ago, was running 3 separate business entities and charging ahead in the…

Xu Yalin, Managing Director of DyStar

Seeing green: Xu Yalin

While DyStar provides all the colours of the rainbow to brighten our clothes, our cars and our homes, it recognises green as the colour of…

Van Raman, Managing Director, South East Asia of ZEISS

Mr ZEISS guy: Ven Raman

Thinking of an optical and optoelectronic expert? Think ZEISS. The company’s approach to innovation and customer service is a sight for sore eyes.

Koh Ching Hong, Chief Executive of Borneo Motors Singapore

Koh Ching Hong

Once considered an ‘old man’s game’, the car industry is changing rapidly and Borneo Motors Singapore is revving up to capture its huge potential for…

 Jason Sim, Managing Director of Playpoint Singapore

Ready, set, play: Jason Sim

Playpoint Singapore’s playgrounds may look like child’s play, but they’re actually an innovative fusion of art, landscape design and the latest thinking on childhood development.