Executive Interviews

  • John O'Sullivan - article image

    John O’Sullivan

    Australia’s offering to the international tourist scene is immense. Tourism Australia makes it all accessible, so the world can experience its spoils.

  • Barry Robinson - article image

    Barry Robinson

    As the wants and needs of the everyday traveller change, Wyndham Hotel Group is keenly listening and acting accordingly.

  • Mark McQuater - Revolution Bars Group - article image

    Mark McQuater

    Revolution Bars Group is taking over the UK bar and restaurant scene, as it is led by Mark McQuarter.

  • Susie Potter - interview image

    Susie Potter

    With an utter passion for Africa and its many diverse countries, Susie Potter, the CEO of The Africa Safari Co., will have anyone who visits hooked.

  • Dominic O'Reilly - article image

    Dominic O’Reilly

    Eze Group is shaking up the world of travel and leisure, Dominic O’Reilly is passionate about clients enjoying the entire experience without any worry.

  • Chris Hall - interview image

    Chris Hall

    From a school bus operation to a global travel group, Australian Pacific Touring has come leaps and bounds since its foundation almost ninety years ago.