Executive Interviews

  • John knaggs - interview image

    John Knaggs

    The Sunshine Coast is Australia at its most beautiful, and for John Knaggs it is also the site for his latest project, developing the new city centre.

  • John Henderson - Regus article image

    John Henderson

    John Henderson explains how Regus is providing a network of technology-powered spaces for businesses to utilise when, how, and where they want.

  • Danny Assabgy - Hudson Homes article image

    Danny Assabgy

    Danny Assabgy, CEO of Hudson Homes, shares how the company has gone from a small building and construction start-up to a major player in the Sydney region.

  • Photo of Martin Samworth - CEO of CBRE

    Martin Samworth

    Martin Samworth, CEO of CBRE EMEA, is focusing on some big changes to ensure goals are met.

  • Photo of Simon Marrison - CEO Europe of La Salle

    Simon Marrison

    Leading real estate investment firm LaSalle and its European CEO Simon Marrison is focused on consistently delivering superior results.

  • Photo of Mark Breuer

    Mark Breuer

    After more than 20 years in the property industry, Spiire Managing Director, Mark Breuer, knows how to build a business.