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Maserati MC20 debuts in Australia and you can’t buy one

The recent Maserati MC20 launch signified a bold departure from traditional design. Its debut in Australia this week reaffirms the local appetite for cutting-edge luxury performance cars – and it has a two-year waiting list as proof.

Maserati MC20

Among a global pandemic, Maserati Australia managed to successfully freight one of its shiny new MC20 supercars onto local soil for an exclusive and intimate showing at Ferrari Maserati Sydney.

Headed by Maserati Australia, New Zealand and South Africa COO Glen Sealey, the event highlighted the design and functional aspects of the Trident’s most ambitious project to date – the first to feature an in-house-built engine in more than two decades.

With Italian chef Giovanni Pilu of Pilu at Freshwater curating the dining experience, guests were able to get up close and personal with the new vehicle while receiving a live seminar from Maserati’s Head of Exterior Design, Giovanni Ribotta, in Maserati’s Modena plant.

The car’s most defining elements include a striking new body colour called Giallo Genio, which is exclusive to the MC20 design. The sleek, aerodynamic body also takes its inspiration from 2004’s Maserati MC12 and leverages the full advantage of carbon fibre to keep the car’s weight to less than 1,500kg – an impressive feat by today’s supercar standards.

Most importantly, the MC20 won’t compromise luxury for its impressive performance credentials. The Italian marque will offer customers a full suite of customisation options from the extensive list of body colours through to the interior finish combinations. Audio is looked after by Sonus Faber, an Italian manufacturer of handcrafted speakers and high-end audio equipment.

Quintessential butterfly doors open up to reveal exposed dry carbon fibre in the cabin which is paired with generous Alcantara lining. The Maserati insignia is also special on the MC20 as it debuts the company’s latest logo designs through subtly revised badges.

Interested parties in Australia will, however, need to hold off as local allocation has already been exhausted for the first year of the car’s production in 2021 alongside a waiting list which extends well into 2022. Official pricing for the Maserati MC20 has been announced at AU$438,000.

The full list of technical specifications can be read here while interested parties can visit Maserati now.

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