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Eight of the most impressive luxury motorhomes on the market

With the recreational vehicle market anticipated to climb to a staggering US$49.2 billion by 2029, motorhomes capture our yearning to escape into the Great Outdoors without having to compromise on safety, comfort or work requirements.

Not all motorhomes are created equal; a select handful rival even the most extravagant hotels. With features you’d never expect to find in a recreational vehicle, they are more akin to customizable private retreats with the latest tech and engineering solutions to meet all your on-the-road needs.

Purchasing a new motorhome is a significant investment, which is why it is worth examining whether you fancy a helipad or a garage that can be transformed into a gym. Here, we take a look at the impressive features that distinguish these opulent motorhomes from the rest.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior

This opulent, customizable ‘home away from home’ is a top-tier model in the world of high-end motorhomes. Split between two stories, you’ll find an amalgamation of features from motor sports, aviation and yachting under one roof.

The automatic lift system converts the sky lounge into an enclosed roof deck, complete with furniture and radiant floor heating. Additional features include a spacious master bedroom with a king-size bed supplied by the British royal family’s bed manufacturer. This leads to a private retreat equipped with a glazed rainfall shower and light therapy architectural mirrors.

The centerpiece of the lounge area is the four-meter couch, which provides easy access to a bar, wine cabinet, icemaker and large TV screen. There are also a handful of high-tech features thrown into the mix, including a unique air circulation system and an adjustable sun protection system built into the striking panoramic windshield.

For those prepared to fork out more than a million dollars, Marchi Mobile, a subsidiary of Marchi Group, is the automaker behind this mansion-on-wheels.

2024 King Aire

Starting at US$1.6 million, the 2024 King Aire rests on a Spartan K3 Tag Axle chassis and offers 450 kilowatts of power. With four different floor plans to choose from, the length of the vehicle is roughly 13.7 meters. The SUV-like driving experience is enhanced by captain and passenger seats covered in real Italian full-grain leather, with both temperature adjustments and a massage function. With the built-in tire pressure monitoring system, automatic full-beam headlights and a touchscreen tablet to control interior lighting with ease, you can travel to your destination with less stress and more enjoyment.

While this luxury motorhome includes all the standard features of any kitchen, the spacious Viking fridge with French doors and an icemaker stands out. Additionally, the water heater provides a continuous supply of hot water, meaning you can enjoy the comforts of a hot shower and a home-cooked meal.

Furrion Elysium

Furrion is a leading manufacturer of premium products for mobile, off-grid living that has redefined luxury mobility and compact living. Engineers, technologists and designers are brought together to create a concept motorhome that combines innovation with luxurious comfort. The inclusion of a two-seater helicopter that descends onto the helipad adds exclusive air travel and convenience to the Elysium experience. Why not take advantage of the hot tub that’s located right beside the landing pad on the roof?

Those who prefer high-tech living while on the road will appreciate the security system, wi-fi and smart appliances, which account for the premium price tag starting at US$2.5 million. Inside, you’ll find every appliance you would expect to find within a home, such as a wine refrigerator, oven, dishwater and a microwave, and – with the smart toilet and smart shower – some you wouldn’t. With the inclusion of not one but two TVs, entertainment has definitely been considered.

Morelo Grand Empire

luxury motorhomes

In the world of luxury motorhomes, Morelo stands for comfort and quality with its ‘made in Germany’ stamp of approval. The European manufacturer is a leader in the space, building first-class motorhomes from its facility in Schlüsselfeld in Germany.

Boasting 12 loudspeakers and phenomenal sound insulation, the Grand Empire provides the perfect conditions for living and sleeping regardless of external temperatures. Made for longer journeys in mind, the driver’s cab seats can be rotated and guests can enjoy a relaxing massage while seated in the luxury lounge.

First-class comfort and quality are guaranteed with the watergel mattresses, LED lighting and elegant surfaces at almost every turn. The attention to detail extends to the glass windows, which are tinted, hinged and insulated. With the built-in rear garage, which accommodates a vehicle up to 4.6 meters in length, you’ll be able to enjoy day trips to far-flung destinations. Plus, the slide-out option (up to 45cm) creates a spacious living and kitchen area to make your travels as homely as possible with just the click of a button.

2023 Emerald Prevost H3 – 45

Prevost brings 95 years of motorcoach manufacturing experience to the birth of this luxurious motorhome. Cutting-edge technology and luxurious finishes characterize its sleek H3-45 model. The interiors, from the salon to the stateroom, are brightly lit and spacious, accommodating all your essentials and providing an elevated experience. Key features include designer accessories, custom exterior graphics and the 360 Brigade Camera system and security.

2020 Featherlite Coaches ‘Saint Germain’

luxury motorhomes

Equipped with the largest shower the industry has to offer – which includes a built-in waterproof TV and Lagos tiles – coupled with Caesarstone Quartz countertops, this motorhome offers a level of opulence that rivals even a premium yacht. With his and her closet space, drawers and two bathrooms, guests are provided with the luxuries of storage space and privacy that makes one feel at home. Some of the unique features include the co-pilot navigation system with screen mirroring, a 360-degree exterior camera setup and a master bath.

Volkner Mobil Performance S

luxury motorhomes

Self-sufficiency while on the road is arguably one of the key indicators of success when it comes to luxury motorhomes, and the Performance S by Volkner Mobil truly embodies this. Want to work out or barbecue during your vacation? All of this and more is possible with the inclusion of the extendable central garage that once unloaded, can be transformed into a summer kitchen and terrace with an overhead awning. This includes an extendable Weber grill, available in gas or electric. Plus, there is space for two bicycles for you to make the most of your vacation.

The interior boasts a high-end sound solution, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy an unparalleled sound experience in every room. For those who appreciate the finer details, the kitchen island with an oven and stove is a stand-out feature, as is the modern vanity unit with wash basin that features 100 layers of hand-laminated wooden panels. This extends to the front of the vehicle, where you’ll find diamond-embroidered seats with massage function, seat ventilation and seat heating.

The Heat

luxury motorhomes

Last, but certainly not least, we have an outlandishly lavish offering from Anderson Mobile Estates. The coachbuilders typically rent out their motorhomes to clients, who include the likes of Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler, Bill Clinton and Richard Gere. But when American actor and rapper Will Smith approached the company, he was willing to fork out US$2.5 million to buy a motorhome outright, rather than rent his mansion-on-wheels. Dubbed ‘The Heat’, this motorhome has a cache of luxuries.

First off, it has a built-in theater that can accommodate up to 30 guests. This is one of the 14 TVs you’ll encounter onboard The Heat. There’s also a walk-in shower with sauna function and a glass door that becomes opaque at the click of a button, as well as plenty of granite countertops and leather finishings throughout. When stationary, the vehicle can be expanded and extended to create a more spacious ‘home away from home’ experience.

For those looking to experience the opulence of this multi-million-dollar motorhome can rent it for a US$9,000 price tag per week when Smith isn’t using it as his movie trailer.

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