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La Prairie opens a world-first airport experience

Got a few hours until your flight? Swap the airport lounge for a luxurious skincare treatment.

La Prairie

Ever since La Prairie launched its first ever private beauty suite at an airport, waiting for an international flight has never been more luxurious.

The Swiss skincare company has partnered with Heinemann Australia to offer a bespoke 30-minute skincare ritual ensuring glowing, hydrated skin – an all-important key to arriving at your destination looking fresh faced.

Inside The Art of Luxury beauty cabin, clients will be treated to a 10-minute personal consultation and a 20-minute facial to enhance relaxation and kick off your business trip in true luxury.

The world-first experience offers a deep-cleansing facial massage and application of La Prairie’s exotic products from the Platinum Rare, Skin Caviar or White Caviar Collections.

For those lacking in time, guests can indulge in one of four speedy 10-minute services.

La Prairie is offering a world-first spa treatment experience at Sydney International Airport Departures
La Prairie is offering a world-first spa treatment experience at Sydney International Airport Departures.

Quick treatments include La Prairie’s signature eye massage to smooth and hydrate the most expressive feature of the face; a complexion application featuring the Swiss company’s Skin Caviar Complexion creations; a luxurious hand and arm massage with the Skin Caviar Collection; or the Art of Perfection treatment, which includes a complimentary consultation and skincare ceremony.

As the pioneers of anti-ageing cellular therapy, La Prairie offers travellers a taste of the highly sought-after products at the pop-up beauty room.

But it’s not good news for every high-flying globetrotter. The indulgent experience is exclusively available at Heinemann at Sydney International Airport Departures.

Three things you didn’t know about La Prairie

  1. Early days

  2. The Swiss company first shot to fame after Dr Paul Niehans explored cellular therapy at Clinique La Prairie and treated Pope Pius XII in 1953.

  3. Four key ingredients

  4. La Prairie products ooze luxury with the finest ingredients of platinum, gold, white caviar and caviar.

  5. The secret recipe to youthfulness

  6. For more than four decades, the ingredients of the exclusive Cellular Complex have been protected. Three separate laboratories are used to keep the secret, each one for a different process so not one single technician or chemist knows the exact recipe.


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