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12 exceptional fine dining establishments in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been dubbed Scandinavia’s culinary capital for a reason, in which candles and fermentations have become symbols of the city’s reverence for hygge and flavorful menus.

At the epicenter of Copenhagen’s fine dining scene are names like Noma, Geranium and Alchemist that aren’t just local favorites, but standout establishments on the world’s culinary stage. Few cities can claim that their top tourist attraction – Tivoli Gardens – doubles as a high-end dining spot or that their most sought-after restaurant has produced a cult-like following around the globe.

Beyond the familiar names on every Scandi traveler’s itinerary are some long-standing and new restaurants of the highest caliber. Whether they market themselves as ‘New Nordic’ or specialize in any other type of cuisine, the menu will reflect at least one of the principles from the New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto.

The Danes are famous for their preservation techniques – a fine example of the idea that invention is born out of necessity. Nordic terroir and culinary mastery are the backbone of the capital’s reputation for quality in thoughtfully designed spaces. As the birthplace of hygge, candles, greenery and natural materials are not uncommon, creating a relaxed, cozy and unpretentious atmosphere.

Kilden i Haven

Kilden i Haven restaurant in Copenhagen

The newest restaurant, nestled in Copenhagen’s magical Tivoli Gardens, is headed by chef Christian Hoffmann – an alumni of Restaurant Almanak in the Royal Danish Opera. Kilden i Haven brings together Danish seasonal ingredients with age-old techniques – pickling, salting, smoking and fermentation – and hints of exclusivity. Whether you choose a smørrebrød (open-faced sandwich) for lunch or a multi-course meal in the evening, you’ll be served the finest ingredients from the coast and fields of the kingdom.

Sushi Anaba

Sushi Anaba restaurant in Copenhagen

Located by the sea on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Sushi Anaba was chef Mads Battefeld’s vision of creating a Tokyo-style sushi counter together with Scandinavian design elements. Referred to by guests as a ‘food spa’, the sushi restaurant strikes a perfect balance of sophistication coupled with a relaxed, intimate vibe. Accommodating up to eight guests at one time, Battefeld prepares every nigiri for all to see. The Danish chef combines quality Scandinavian seafood with the Edomae style of preparing sushi, after learning the difficult craft in the kitchens of Tokyo. This is both an educational and cultural experience, offering a unique lens into the simplicity of Japanese food with a touch of Nordic flair.


JATAK restaurant in Copenhagen

Known for its delectable Michelin-starred restaurants and street culture, Copenhagen’s vibrant neighborhood of Nørrebro is home to JATAK, which opened in 2022. Chef-owner Jonathan Tam is a seasoned chef who perfected his craft in the kitchens of Noma. He went on to become head chef at Restaurant Relae. The modern menu takes its inspiration from local seasonal ingredients and Asian flavors – a true expression of Tam’s cultural heritage.


Høst restaurant in Copenhagen

Presentation means a great deal at award-winning Høst, where each dish is baptized with some natural element. The menu offers a contemporary take on classic Nordic cuisine with bold flavors guaranteed and the odd shell or sprigs of pine woven into the playful creations. The interiors are rustic with plenty of greenery and exposed brick that pair well with the candlelit experience.


Kadeau restaurant in Copenhagen

Co-Founder Nicolai Nørregaard hails from the Baltic island of Bornholm, a culinary mecca despite the short growing season. For Nørregaard, the island’s culinary wonders provide a smorgasbord for creating complex dishes that the chefs are happy to elaborate on when asked. The range of nuanced flavors of his homeland are expertly dried, cured, preserved, smoked and pickled. And the restaurant’s shelves are lined with jars of fermented ingredients, showing the way Nørregaard has mastered these techniques. The wrought iron and wooden surfaces add to the intimate setting, which is encapsulated in one word: hygge. Kadeau is a microcosm of Bornholm in Christianshavn and the cousin of Kadeau Bornholm – Nørregaard’s other restaurant.

Kødbyens Fiskebar

Kødbyens Fiskebar restaurant in Copenhagen

Co-founded by Anders Selmer – a former restaurant manager at Noma – this industrial style restaurant centers around the latest Nordic catch. It’s housed in what once was a butcher’s shop in the city’s meat-packing district. Since its inception in 2009, it’s been nominated by Michelin Guide as a Bib Gourmand winner for its quality food at reasonable prices. During the summer months, the terrace is a much loved spot for alfresco dining for soaking up the sun.


Koan restaurant in Copenhagen

A pioneer in New Nordic cuisine, chef-owner and Korean-born Dane Kristian Baumann had stints at Noma and Relae before embarking on his own project: Koan. The multi-course dinners are prepared in an open kitchen setting, resulting in a deeply engaging experience. Baumann’s annual ‘research trips’ have taken him to street kitchens, temples and royal courts, each with its own style of cooking. This has had an undeniable influence on the menu and crockery, which is hand-crafted by Korean potters. These various approaches are paired with premium Nordic ingredients that reflect Baumann’s expertise in Danish cuisine.


Studio restaurant in Copenhagen

Christoffer Sørensen – Studio’s head chef and co-owner – was the recipient of the ‘Young Chef Award’ just four months after taking over the reins of the business in 2021. He spent the past nine years in the castle kitchen at Dragsholm Slot. Located in the historic neighborhood of Carlsberg, Studio greets every guest with a grand artistic gesture created by visual artist Frederik Lassen Hesseldahl. The 13-course set menu strikes a delicate balance of Asian and Nordic influences with wild herbs and fermentations leading the culinary explorations.

Kiin Kiin

Kiin Kiin restaurant in Copenhagen

When legendary Danish chef and sommelier Henrik Yde Andersen opened a Thai restaurant in Nørrebro together with Lertchai Treetawatchaiwong, it was to bring a different dimension to traditional Thai cuisine. Kiin Kiin went on to become one of the few Thai restaurants outside Thailand with a Michelin star, thanks to Yde Andersen’s cooking techniques and ingredients that add a special touch to Thai cuisine. The oriental experience begins in the lounge with snacks accompanied by wine or beer before being served a meal, comprising seven or eight courses, at your table. The atmosphere is unpretentious and cozy, thanks to wicker chairs and warm bamboo lamps.

Kong Hans Kælder

Kong Hans Kælder restaurant in Copenhagen

The first Danish establishment to receive a Michelin star, Kong Hans Kælder specializes in French classics with a touch of Nordic simplicity. Mark Lundgaard leads the two-star Michelin experience within the walls of the city’s oldest cellar with its gothic arches and vaulted ceilings. The exquisite cuisine is prepared in an open kitchen where delicacies – truffles, caviar and quail egg – are among the luxury ingredients that play a prominent role in the culinary compositions. This, combined with a formal approach to hospitality make for an unforgettable dining experience in the former residence of legendary author Hans Christian Andersen.


Jordnær restaurant in Copenhagen

Eric and Tina Kragh Vildgaard are the husband and wife duo to which countless restaurant aficionados flock to for the ultimate sea-to-table dining in the historic Gentofte Hotel. A Noma alumni, Eric Kragh Vildgaard’s love for caviar exists as a gesture on how they would like their guests to feel: luxurious and nurtured, and without a hint of compromise on quality. Together with Tina Kragh Vildgaard serving as restaurant manager, the service is attentive and welcoming. Here, you’ll find king crab, lobster and bluefin on the menu.


Ark restaurant in Copenhagen

As the first vegan restaurant in the Nordics to be awarded a Michelin Green Star, Ark was Jason Renwick and chef Brett Lavender’s first plant-based project in the Danish capital. Since opening in 2020, the duo decided to launch two more restaurants – Bistro Lupa and Beyla – alongside their mushroom-growing operation, Funga Farm. An excellent meat substitute, barbecued blue oyster mushroom imbued with Japanese flavors is a signature dish at Ark. So committed are Renwick and Lavender to sustainable gastronomy that the interiors also reflect this philosophy. For Lavender, turnip is the humble, underrated star of the show that is dressed in sake and lemongrass oil – an example of elevated plant-based cuisine at its finest.

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