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Explore the history of the Cartier panther in Melbourne

Exuding power, freedom and defiance, the panther has played a leading role in Cartier’s creative expression for more than a century.

Cartier, Jeanne Toussaint

An emblematic animal of the jewellery Maison’s menagerie, the panther has inspired Cartier’s designers since its debut in 1914.

Majestic, untamed and indomitable, the panther represents the same strength, freedom, vitality and elegance as the iconic brand.

To celebrate the rich history of the iconic Panthère De Cartier collection, Cartier is launching an immersive experience in Melbourne’s Federation Square 6–17 March 2020.

“With a diverse population of experience-seekers with interests in art, culture and style, Melbourne is the perfect location for our Maison to celebrate our iconic Panthère collection,” explains Alban du Mesnil, Managing Director, Cartier Australia and New Zealand.

Titled Into The Wild, the exhibition takes guests on a sojourn into the rich history of the Maison and showcases the continuing evolution of the emblematic panther.

Panthère De Cartier

“For over 100 years, no other creature has achieved such iconic status, whether at Cartier or in 20th-century jewellery as a whole,” Alban continues.

“No other creature or jewel is so inextricably and emotionally linked to stylish women of the 20th century, or the Cartier legend.

“The Panthère is a key character and inspiration within our Maison style – it truly is at the heart of Cartier’s DNA and a driving force of our mindset.”

The event will also pay tribute to Cartier’s first female Creative Director, Jeanne Toussaint, who is responsible for cementing the Panthère as a Cartier icon and who continues to hold a special place in the history of the contemporary jewellery collection.

“Jeanne Toussaint’s Panthère became a signature for a generation of bold women who saw themselves reflected in her,” says Alban.

“First and foremost among them was the Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson, socialite Daisy Fellow and actress Maria Felix.”

Panthère De Cartier

The installation will explore the Panthère tribe of yesterday and today, taking guests on a journey through the evolution of the iconic Panthère designs over the decades.

It will also showcase the new La Panthère bracelet, crafted from 18-karat yellow gold and set with onyx, emeralds and 739 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 11.56 carats.

The most recent addition to the famous Panthère De Cartier family, the bracelet emanates a free, elegant and sensual feline femininity.

From brooches and bracelets to cigarette cases, watches, rings and earrings, the Cartier panther has been recreated in many forms through the years – each piece expressing a different facet of its wild and untameable characteristics.

Everything about the feline exudes defiance, power and freedom.

The challenge is to bring the animal to life through careful design. Muscles, head, paws and ears – as the detail unfolds through the sculpture, the panther’s power is liberated.

Panthère De Cartier

Alban emphasises the importance of the Australian market in the Maison’s global footprint.

“While I have only been in Australia since last year, it’s impressive to see how this country has established itself as one of the world’s major luxury markets.

“It’s something that we at Cartier recognised before many others,” he explains.

“Bringing a unique experience like Into the Wild to Australia allows us to tell our story through our Panthère creations, and we believe it’s a way for us to further develop bonds with Australian audiences.”

Book your session for Into The Wild and discover the Panthère de Cartier universe.

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