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How you can buy this 555.55-carat diamond from space

The Enigma is one billion years old – a treasure from interstellar space.

Sotheby's Enigma diamond

Fancy adding a phenomenal 555.55-carat black diamond from outer space to your jewellery collection? Now could be your only chance.

The hand-sized gem dubbed The Enigma will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s from 3 February after it tours the world, making stops in Dubai, Los Angeles and London.

Lauded as being a “treasure from interstellar space”, the exquisite diamond is extremely rare due to its impeccable facets, sheer size and wondrous creation.

“Its origins are shrouded in mystery – thought to have been created either from a meteoric impact or having actually emerged from a diamond-bearing asteroid that collided with Earth,” Sotheby’s states.

Believed to have landed on our planet millions of years ago, The Enigma is one billion years old, however it’s unknown where or how it was discovered.

A true natural wonder, it is the largest Fancy Black Natural Colour diamond in the world, and was also listed as the largest cut diamond in the world in the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records.

The galactic diamond has been cut with 55 facets, which is an extraordinary technical feat considering it’s one of the toughest diamonds on the planet. This also makes it the largest faceted cut diamond of any kind to appear at auction, Sotheby’s states.

While this is the first time the rare diamond has been exhibited publicly and offered on an open market, it was owned by an anonymous consignor for more than two decades, according to Nikita Binani, a jewellery specialist and head of sale at Sotheby’s London.

“Its sale represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire one of the rarest, billion year old cosmic wonders known to humankind,” she told Penta.

How much would a gem like this set you back? The sky’s the limit. It’s being offered without reserve at auction, meaning the 555.55-carat diamond will go to the highest bidder. And don’t worry, if you don’t quite have enough cash, Sotheby’s is also accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Just last year, Sotheby’s auctioned off a gigantic 101.38-carat diamond dubbed ‘The Key’ for US$12.3 million via cryptocurrency, making it a record-breaking figure used by a digital asset.

And if whopping diamonds from outer space aren’t really your thing, the auction house has unleashed an entire Luxury Sales Series. Watches, jewellery, sneakers, handbags, wine and spirits will be included in the special edit, which showcases luxury items through a fresh lens.

Feature image: Sotheby’s Instagram

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