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Gold is the new green: How to source sustainable gold for the gift-giving season

Diamonds may be forever, but sustainable gold is a better investment for your portfolio and the planet.

Sustainable gold necklace

It’s easy to get caught up in buyer frenzy during the Christmas season. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Google ads luring buyers at every turn, it’s no wonder it’s become the most wasteful time of the year.

However, it is possible to join in the spirit of giving while keeping the planet’s health in mind. It all boils down to sustainability. Sure, a KeepCup is nice, bamboo bowls are Insta-worthy and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but gold is the best investment of them all.

This precious metal is rarer than diamonds. It adds variety and diversification to investments and is considered a universal currency. No matter where in the world you are, gold is gold. And, it holds its same value.

But not all that glitters is sustainable. With more and more consumers becoming increasingly concerned with buying ethically sourced and environmentally friendly goods, including jewellery, ‘sustainable gold’ has become somewhat of a trend.

How to source sustainable gold:

  1. Look for ‘ethical’ and ‘eco-friendly’ labels: These terms have slightly different meanings but both result in a sustainable purchase. Ethical gold is sourced from artisanal and small-scale mining companies. It is produced using legal operations and respectable labour conditions. Eco-friendly gold is mined in a way that ensures minimal impact to the land and environment. This means toxic chemicals like mercury – a major pollutant – aren’t used in the process.
  2. Buy recycled: Exactly what it sounds like, these nuggets have been used before and are repurposed for new pieces of jewellery. So, rather than mining the planet for more new gold, brands that use the recycled variety make use of what’s already been mined.
  3. Buy second-hand: Buying second-hand doesn’t have to mean second best. Turn to reputable luxury op-shops or pawn shops for treasured jewellery with minimal environmental impact.

Cashing in on sustainable, second-hand fashion and Australia’s obsession with gold, Singapore-based Maxi-Cash recently opened its first luxury boutique in Melbourne called LuxeSTYLE by Maxi-Cash.

“24K and 22K gold, luxury jewellery and timepieces, which all retain their value for years to come, are in high demand the world over, and we were quick to recognise a gap and an opportunity for expansion into the Australian market,” says Maxi-Cash CEO Ng Leok Cheng.

The upscale pawnshop is transforming Melbourne’s local luxury retail market by offering lavish, pre-loved designer timepieces and branded jewellery, including gold, diamonds and precious stones, at irresistible prices.

So, when the spirit of giving strikes, go for gold – the sustainable variety.

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