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House of K’dor is at your service with its new Concierge team

The luxury jewellery brand helps create lasting memories through experiences that go far beyond its walls.

House of K'dor Consultation-with-champagne-and-sushi

It’s already a brand that is known to go above and beyond for its guests, and now House of K’dor is offering an exquisite, personal experience through K’dor Concierge.

“Our vision is to elevate the magic of owning and creating a bespoke K’dor piece to all five senses,” says Creative Director Zena Kaddour.

K’dor Concierge is a bespoke platform where guests can make memorable moments and experience the ultimate in luxury.

“Our dedicated and passionate Concierge team live to elevate the guest experience through personalised touches that awe and delight, whether it’s around travel, dining, styling or events,” Zena explains.

Zena Kaddour
Zena Kaddour

From a jaw-dropping bouquet of roses to a luxury personal priority delivery by its well-heeled staff, the brand will make its guests feel pampered long after they leave the boutique.

“We pride ourselves on the access we grant our inner circle, be it to keystone sporting and launch events throughout the year, or black-tie galas and philanthropy circles,” she continues.

“We also have strong relationships with niche luxury lifestyle suppliers, so our guests can enjoy the rarest truffles, have a customised bottle of Champagne created for them or have access to the best interiors experts.”

The brand’s goal is to elevate the “high” of buying diamonds and to make it last forever. House of K’dor’s creations are meticulously handcrafted with care and Zena notes that “we want to extend that curated touchpoint to every facet of a guest’s lifestyle” through the Concierge service.

Intimate consultations

Zena says that from the moment a guest enters the boutique, they enter her home.

“You are greeted with kindness and love while we showcase the Earth’s rarest and most stunning treasures that have been enhanced by the creativity of our artisans,” she explains.

Whether designing a custom engagement ring, a special anniversary gift or elevating a treasured antique heirloom, guests can discuss their ideas with House of K’dor’s professional team while indulging in Michelin star cuisine paired with French Champagne.

K'dor consultation

“I look at everything,” Zena explains. “From what a person wears to their facial proportions and the length of their fingers and hands to discern what would elevate their self-expression and dazzle their features. All ideas are valued.”

When selecting precious stones, House of K’dor never compromises on quality.

“This is incredibly important to us,” Zena asserts. “The chosen stone is then meticulously placed into an impeccable setting, fusing our guest’s desires with technical artistry that maximises that stone’s brilliance.”

Embracing the change

As with most businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge, but the family-owned House of K’dor’s loyal community of customers continue to support it through these difficult times.

“Our foundational values have always centred around relationships and family,” explains Zena.

“Of course not everyone has been able to shop, but we are grateful and humbled that we are still the jeweller of choice for a range of both statement and smaller jewellery purchases,” explains Zena.

The brand’s experts have taken the opportunity to learn new skills by applying a personal touch to digital transactions.

House of K'dor jewels

“Real-time video conferencing with our guests both locally and internationally has been a key asset in showcasing pieces and keeping a human connection alive,” Zena says. “Ultimately, life goes on, and we have done our best to adapt to the changes, while still being there for our guests and their special moments.”

The challenges of quarantine and pivoting the business to mainly digital platforms has led to thinking outside the box. “We are discussing how else we can serve our guests in new and creative ways when there’s limited access to the boutique.”

“When we’re called upon to grow, that’s when we usually shine brightest!”

Zena believes that with new circumstances comes new growth.

“Whenever we innovate, adapt and embrace change, that’s when we’re out of our comfort zone,” she says.

“The result is breaking through to new levels. You do your best work under pressure, which is similar to diamonds. When we’re called upon to grow, that’s when we usually shine brightest!”

Zena’s positivity is radiant – anyone who has met her can attest to that – and when it comes to obstacles, she believes these qualities, along with patience, are essential.

“When you remain hopeful, you are open to trying new things, no matter how small, to make a difference,” she explains.

“I am also a strong believer in working together as a community and supporting each other in any way you can. Send business to each other, see if there is anything you can do for your local vendors and don’t be afraid to ask for help either.”

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