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Inside the A$775,000 James Bond-inspired floating hotel suite

Solar-powered and self-sufficient, the eco-luxe Anthenea pod is built to suit any waterbody in any climate.

Anthenea floating hotel suite

Taking the concept of an over-water suite to a whole new level, this half-boat, half-flying saucer has been dubbed “the world’s first eco-luxe floating hotel suite”.

However, this prestige comes with a price – a cool A$775,000 to be exact.

Boasting 360-degree views, the 50-square-metre Anthenea is completely customisable; it can also be configured as a spa, boardroom, restaurant or even a nightclub.

The brainchild of naval architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle, the domed capsule was inspired by the floating saucer in the 1977 Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

Taking 15 years to develop, the Anthenea is outfitted with five south-facing solar panels that power the electric motors and mechanical systems.

The pod includes a total of three living areas, uses zero fossil fuels and can be installed anywhere – with zero environmental impact.

Its spacious living room includes a lounge, mini bar and submarine windows that let you watch the sea life below, and the main bedroom is fitted with a circular king-size bed, wardrobe and shelves.

There’s also a bathroom complete with a round bathtub that can be filled with either fresh or seawater; a fully equipped kitchen; and a 12-seat rooftop solarium and bar with sweeping views over the surrounding ocean.

Optional features include air-conditioning, double-glazed windows, a desalination system and wood-burning stove.

And in true James Bond-style, there’s even an underwater access point.

The eco-luxe accommodation has impressive insulation that means it can cope with temperatures ranging from -30 to 40 degrees celsius.

For interested buyers, the Anthenea can be viewed in a showroom off the coast of France and is set to make an appearance at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival.

The floating pod was recently awarded the 2019 Innovation Trophy in the Accommodation category, organised by leading French tourism magazine L’Echo Touristique.

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