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You can now stay at the North Pole’s only hotel for US$105,000 a night

Your search for the world's coolest hotel room is over.

North Pole

Have a spare US$105,000 floating around? You’ll need it if you want to spend a night in the North Pole’s only hotel. The North Pole Igloos hotel will open for service in 2020 over the month of April, and it’s set to be one of the coolest (literally) hotel rooms you could ever book.

Making up the collective of rooms are just 10 heated luxury domes that are designed to withstand the most extreme Arctic weather. More importantly, these igloos are transparent, allowing guests to sleep under the stars and experience the Northern Lights like never before. Just don’t look over at your neighbours.

The hotel can only be booked for the month of April as this is the only time of year that people can safely travel to the North Pole via helicopter. Beyond that, only the months of June and July see visitors – and they have to come by ship. In total, only around 1,000 visitors explore the North Pole every year.

While the intimate experience will allow guests to be at one with nature, they won’t need to worry about hunting for their meals. The igloos come with a chef, camp manager, arctic wilderness guide and security services. Rooms have also been certified and tested for the conditions and have individual bathrooms.

An average day in Svalbard, one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas

All this doesn’t come cheap though. Prices for staying at the igloo hotel start from US$52,792 per person for a three-night stay. However, the location of this cheaper igloo setup isn’t in the North Pole but the Arctic tundra – a cold, vast and treeless area situated in the far north around the Arctic Ocean.

Those who want to splurge for the proper North Pole experience will need to fork out US$104,484 per person. This package includes one night in the North Pole igloos and two nights at Svalbard, as well as flights and logistics between the two locations.

Janne Honkanen, who is the founder of Luxury Action, the team behind the igloo hotel, says that the accommodation facilities are movable and totally sustainable. Organisers move the hotels to the safest locations around the Arctic glaciers to ensure a smooth experience in the most unforgiving environment.

Those who don’t make the North Pole booking can still stay in the high-end igloos on the glaciers of Svalbard – a section between Norway and the North Pole – throughout the year.

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