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Google’s trending travel destinations for 2020

Favourites including Rome and Paris don’t make the cut.

Tokyo among the world’s top 10 trending travel destinations for 2020

Whether you want to sprawl across the sandy shores of Vietnam with your nose in a good book or revel in the hype of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, it’s never too early to start planning your next holiday.

And what better time to start dreaming about your next escape than at the start of a fresh new decade.

Global hotel search data by Google has found people are trading the classic favourites of Rome, Paris, London and New York for less tourist-touched cities.

The research found Vietnam’s French-influenced coastal city Da Nang is the most searched destination for 2020.

Marking the halfway point between the capitals in the north and south, Da Nang is described by Lonely Planet as being one of the fastest changing places in the Asian country.

Trending closely behind the coastal city is São Paulo, one of the world’s most populous cities; Seoul, where skyscrapers meet Buddhist temples; and Tokyo, home of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Trending travel destinations in 2020*

  1. Da Nang, Vietnam

  2. Stroll along the Han riverfront, relax along the sandy shores or explore the stalls of some of the best street food of this French colonial port.

    Top travel destinations 2020
  3. São Paulo, Brazil

  4. If a lively getaway is what you’re after, then the bustling streets of the world’s 4th largest city is for you.

    Tokyo among travel destinations 2020
  5. Seoul, South Korea

  6. Seoul is the magical hub where high-tech subways, skyscrapers and modern metropolises meet with historic temples, palaces and rustic Asian street markets.

    Tokyo among travel destinations 2020
  7. Tokyo, Japan

  8. The home of electronics, manga, video games and anime will double as the home to more than 11,000 athletes in July as the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics get underway.

    Tokyo among travel destinations 2020
  9. Tel Aviv, Israel

  10. The Mediterranean coastal city famed for its rich archaeology, folklore and 12th century BC ruins is one of the destinations travellers have their eyes set on.

    Tokyo among travel destinations 2020
  11. Marseille, France

  12. Founded by Greek sailors, France’s biggest port is located on the Mediterranean coast – making it the perfect location for fishmongers to sell their catch on the boat-lined quay.

    Top travel destinations 2020
  13. Vienna, Austria

  14. Influenced by Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud, the city of art and intellect is one of Europe’s historic jewels.

    Tokyo among travel destinations 2020
  15. Bangkok, Thailand

  16. Bustling roads overflowing with mouth-watering street food, vibrantly ornate shrines and opulent Buddhist temples, the Thai capital will leave you feeling inspired.

    Tokyo among travel destinations 2020
  17. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  18. While it is the gateway linking Australia to the rest of the globe, Dubai is also known for its luxury shopping, futuristic architecture and the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building.

    Tokyo among travel destinations 2020
  19. Perth, Australia

  20. One of the most isolated cities in the world due to being surrounded by Australia’s rugged nature, it is the place to be for sandy beaches and incredible outback exploration.

    Tokyo among travel destinations 2020

    *according to Google

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