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Oceanco Y717: The epitome of luxury yachts

Introducing Oceanco’s new 90-metre yacht Y717, set to inspire the future of nautical design.

The Y717 is one boat that cannot be ignored. In fact, it is unlike any other superyacht in today’s market.

With its seamless design and advanced technology, the model is everything you would expect and more from an Oceanco.

The company has dubbed the model ‘Project Shark’, referencing its hammerhead-like exterior design. Meanwhile its interior themes are derived from nature.

“The main theme is nature, starting from blossom cascades, and moving to feathers, fish, waves and so on,” says Valentina Zannier, chief interior designer and junior partner at Nuvolari Lenard.

“It is all nicely integrated in a fluent feeling that would make every guest feel very comfortable in any room, any time of the day. The richness is almost invisible because it’s expressed by the quality of the details and the tasteful combination of complete bespoke finishes.”

The Miami-based designer Luiz De Basto looked after the exterior design and gave the model its sleek and streamlined look.

Oceanco Y717

“The profile has a unique sense of contrast and homogeneity between the dark glass and the white balconies, providing a constant exchange in shape and lines between the two elements,” says Luiz.

“My initial drawings may have looked like a futuristic concept, yet she is now a very real yacht on account of the execution made possible by the advanced technology of the Oceanco engineering team and by the vision of her experienced owner and his team.”

Indeed, visually, the Y717 is a masterpiece with her superstructure finished in complete reflective glass. Head on in to the interiors and you can enjoy panoramic floor-to-ceiling views aft, port and starboard.

The woods used boast different shades of sycamore fiddleback, small details in tinted Brazilian carballo wood, and an abundant use of maple bleached grey. Other accents include metallic surfaces and 3D cut leather panels, giving an overall look and feel of pure luxury.

The entire upper deck is perfect for owners who value privacy with its specifically designed walkaround passages that ensure complete seclusion.

There are also private balconies and a private forward-facing jacuzzi for owners to relax and luxuriate in.

This ultimate yacht is one that fulfils every boat owner’s dream and with its forward-thinking design, is set to shape and inspire future innovation in the market.

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