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Inside the esteemed event bridging the Middle East with Europe, the US and Israel

More than 400 esteemed delegates attended His Excellency Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 16th Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai.

Family Office Dubai summit

Some of the world’s most impressive entrepreneurial minds are working towards creating innovative solutions for a better future.

Bringing like-minded people together to make the world a better place for the next generation and fuel global opportunities, His Excellency Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 16th Family Office Investment Summit was hosted in Dubai under the High Patronage of His Excellency Dr Thani Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade and Minister in charge of Talent Attraction and Retention at the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy.

More than 400 elite families and prominent investors attended the event, which marked the 10th anniversary of the summit being held in Dubai. Six events have been held in Monaco, Riyadh and Miami over the past few years.

The theme of the Summit was ‘Global Family Offices and International Entrepreneurs come together to Accelerate Positive & Impactful Change for a Better Tomorrow’ and, as a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Ritossa understands the true value of how the event bridges families in the Middle East and their counterparts in Europe, the US, Asia, Latin America and Israel.

“This conference draws very particular [people] – it draws decision makers from the highest level from all around the world, and allows you access to those decision-makers,” says Haydn Hammond, Invictus – New World Holdings Sales & Director.

Described by attendees as representing hope, innovation and awareness, as well as being unique and impactful, the summit represented some US$4.5 trillion in investor wealth from sheikhs, royal families and leading businesses from more than 30 countries.

Following recent summits in Dubai and Monaco, there has been more than US$2.5 billion in new funding allocated to investing in the future. At the most recent summit, the investor delegate ratio was 3:1 – a hopeful sign of further positive outcomes.

“It is exciting to be at the forefront of a new era in investing,” Ritossa says. “It is all about connecting with the right mindsets at the right time and place.

“The like-minded global investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world make our unique events memorable business hubs and reunions. The partnerships, investments, co-investments and friendships that instigate from our gatherings in a safe harbour environment is what I strive for.

“These conferences are a heartfelt passion project of mine which I have expanded on in the last seven years.”

Discussions around protecting generational wealth and having older generations mentor younger family members; climate change; food security; new investment opportunities including logistics, oil, energy, artificial intelligence, real estate and cryptocurrency; education; philanthropy; and leading with purpose through uniting communities were among the thought-provoking topics of discussion during the exclusive two-day in-person event.

It was also the ideal platform to host peer-to-peer conversations, cross-border thought leadership and one its most iconic factors: networking.

With Dubai dubbed a melting pot for global investment growth in a safe environment, the summit attracted a number of esteemed VIP guests including Mohamed Al Ali, Grand Ambassador Ritossa Global Family Office Summit, and Al Ali Holdings CEO; HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum; HRH Prince Abdullah bin Musad bin Abdulaziz Al Saud; HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Faisal Al Saud; HRH Princess Märtha Louise of Norway; HRH Prince Michel de Yougoslavie, Grandson of King Umberto of Italy and Prince Paul of Yugoslavia; HRH Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muata; and HH Prince Franscisco de Borbon von Hardenberg, descendant to King Louis XIV of France and to first Duke of Saville, Grandson of King Charles IV of Spain.

“I am proud of our conference mission statement: making our world a better place for the generations to come,” Ritossa says.

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