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Mahmoud Sulaiman reveals the latest tech solutions in the new era of investment

Identifying and seizing the best opportunities just got a whole lot easier thanks to AI.


Mahmoud Sulaiman’s role as Director at Investera focuses on introducing the company’s new ecosystem for investment transactions. The overarching goal is for Investera to be the Swiss Army Knife for Investment Management Platforms in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), with further expansion already underway.

He took to the stage as a featured VIP speaker at the Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 18th Global Family Office Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to enlighten more than 400 of the world’s leading private investors, family offices and world leaders from 55 countries on the latest developments in FinTech, AI and investment banking.

As an organisation, Investera Business Solutions is dedicated to the advancement of the financial services industry utilising the latest information technology and data science. Its business applications help family offices identify opportunities and optimise their investments by delivering reliable and straightforward solutions that enable them to make critical decisions based on a solid foundation.

The platform includes a simple AI-based dashboard that investors can use to vet investments and conduct due diligence prior to making an investment, and where confidential documents may be uploaded.

“We are already helping customers in the MENA region save time and seize opportunities, and recently we also expanded to Africa. Our goal is to ease and facilitate investment methodology by use of a straightforward and simple dashboard that is designed to meet the expectations of today’s booming tech market,” he said.

The Ritossa Family Office Summit hosts a diverse audience of key decision makers and tech companies and serves as an ideal forum to help them join forces. It’s therefore an excellent venue for Investera, he said.

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