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SeaBubbles unveils the UAE’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat

Experiencing the ocean just got a whole lot more exciting – and eco-friendly.


SeaBubbles is proud to unveil X-Pearl as the UAE’s first flying boat powered by hydrogen. The new boat represents the future of green mobility by combining the sensations of flying and sailing for zero-wave, zero-noise and zero-emission navigation. The flying boat reduces carbonisation, saves energy, reduces friction with the water and is transforming the marine industry in an exciting new way.

The SeaBubbles team, led by Virginie Seurat, shared the innovation behind SeaBubbles to family offices, world leaders and private investors at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 18th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

With a background in luxury and sustainability, Seurat is now working at the crossroads of innovation in a magical way, with the goal to inspire people to experience the joys of a flying boat. She explained that SeaBubbles’ inspiration stems from the UAE’s pearl diving tradition, and X-Pearl celebrates this grand heritage by introducing a true gem of innovation. X-Pearl by SeaBubbles is an exclusive edition to honour the legacy and the vision of the UAE.

“Together, this event marks the first steps of a new era in terms of hydrogen mobility paving the road to COP28, along with key partners for the supply of green hydrogen,” Seurat says. “Diving through the pearls trading heritage of the UAE provides a unique opportunity to experience one of the most innovation-driven cultures of our modern world – one that is willing to explore and strive for evolution.

“SeaBubbles partakes in this journey by offering a solution of alternative mobility along waterways in a true capsule of innovation. Navigation on the SeaBubbles X-Pearl is as smooth for the passengers as it is for the environment – a sensation that mirrors a high-tech zero-emission flying pearl above the water.”

SeaBubbles demonstrates what cutting-edge technologies can provide for a greener future. Its hydrogen fuel cell generates the supply of electricity for the internal systems and propulsion pods while a battery pack supports it during flight to balance power needs. This hybridisation has the advantage of emitting only water and aims at relying on renewable energy sources. Additionally, the foils reduce wetted surface area, participating in the optimisation of the onboard power usage, which represents a saving of 35 per cent of necessary power for the same speed compared to a regular boat.

SeaBubbles is designed to transport up to eight passengers safely and smoothly in the unprecedented comfort of a true capsule of technology. It is the iconic crossroads of the comfort of a luxury car, the convenience of a fast boat and the stability of a plane. It’s ideal for a variety of occasions requiring water mobility including use as an electric hydrogen flagship passenger vessel, zero-emission water taxi, VIP shuttle, eco-tourism sightseeing in protected areas, city and inter-city transfer, and private yachting.

X-Pearl leverages the latest innovations and technologies with a clean hydrogen powertrain to allow passengers to experience a new way of travelling, flying above the water with complete stability and in silence, with respect for nature and in harmony with the environment. It operates by flying on submerged wings that lift the craft like a plane would during take-off and leaves no polluting emissions in the air thanks to its electric-hydrogen energy.

SeaBubbles is proud to announce a partnership with Al Masaood, a highly diversified UAE trading group established 50 years ago, and proudly announced the signature of a memorandum of understanding for the development of thrilling hydrogen projects on the Emirati grounds.

“As we transform our flagship project to a profitable business, we seek to work with those who share our long-term vision and want to seek challenges via technology while simultaneously sharing our same values,” Seurat says.

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