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How Serge Conesa is creating sustainable eco-friendly data

Because data is energy, Immersion4 is cooling the internet to save at least 10% of the world electricity consumption consumed by datacenter to preserve the planet ecosystems.

Serge Conesa Immersion4

If seeking a sustainable lifestyle wasn’t on your radar pre-pandemic, it should be following the events of 2020. And that’s exactly what Serge Conesa set out to do when he founded Immersion4.

Striving to create a wholesome, sustainable planet by reducing carbon footprints, eliminating pollution and creating a circular economy are just some of the drivers behind the tech venture.

“Immersion4 has been designed to leave a better world,” Serge said. “The space we’re focusing on is cooling off electronics.

“Circular economy is the right way to go in order to reduce carbon footprints and share the value chain.”

Launched in 2017, Immersion4 is contributing to solving the world’s need for energy as well as ensuring data independence.

“The world is about energy. If we switch it off, that’s it. It’s time to do something about it.” – Serge Conesa

In 2025, data centres powering the internet will use more than 20% of the world’s electricity consumption; emit more CO2 as the airline industry, 10% of the GHG and over 1.3 trillion litres of water. Immersion4 is cooling the internet, making for a greener world.

“We want to evolve the whole economy; we want to create value within the same spirit as family offices,” Serge explained. “We’re an organic business.

“My ultimate dream would be to create the world bank of energy as energy is not infinite and should be mutualised so we can leave behind a world based on eco conservation and environmental conservation.”

No water consumption, no CO2 emissions, no greenhouse gas emissions and upholding ethics are the four pillars sustaining the Swiss-based company.

Having attended Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 11th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco earlier this year in line with strict COVID-19 restrictions, Serge believes the pandemic is just a taste of what could come if the world continues down the road of micro particles pollution and ecosystems destruction.

“When COVID happened, basically this little nanovirus put everything on hold,” he said. “What we saw was the dependency that we have created on the economic model, which is not sustainable, and more than anything, that stop all human activities.

“If we don’t continue to move forward towards a circular economy, based on human activity we will continue to generate particles allowing other COVID viruses to come creating our own demise.

“So there is only one way. We need to drastically reduce the level of pollutions and the level of micro particles in the air, to distribute the value chain, to reduce the nations dependency and to create local jobs. Yet, the planet is still growing at one billion people every 13.7 years, and we all know that energy is the key.

“The world is about energy. If we switch it off, that’s it. It’s time to do something about it.”


Rethinking energy models is one of the solutions the CEO believes is crucial to saving the Earth.

“We are completely dependent on the society we have created,” he said. “There’s been a lot of green washing; there’s been a lot of people talking about what to do but so little action.”

Expected to be the greatest resource, data plays a weighty role in economic development and political security.

“Immersion4 has been designed to leave a better world.” – Serge Conesa

However, to the detriment of its own power, data centres are also among the highest energy consuming buildings to exist. Immersion4 works with country leaders to work towards green data centres to benefit from the digitalisation without the financial and energy burners.

“Outside, Greta, that everybody knows, is warning us, crying for help to preserve Earth and allow the young generations to have a future,” Serge said. “No matter where we are, we are all impacted.

“We need to do everything we can to create this world based on eco conservation and environmental conservation.”

During the last Ritossa summit, Serge said in front of the audience: “either I see a room full of problems or full of solutions”.

As an eternal optimist, the executive saw a room full of people willing to work together to make a change.

“I want to be optimistic because I still want to believe,” Serge said. “I still want to have hope. If we lose hope, what’s left? Nothing.”

Film by Olivier Ronot
Photos by Cyril Bailleul
Interview by Vanessa Eriksson

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