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Why family matters most to Fulcrum Equities’ Chief of Staff Wendy Craft

Building a values-based legacy for the Swig family is key for Wendy Craft, Chief of Staff of single-family office Fulcrum Entities.

Family is at the heart of Fulcrum Equities LLC and for Chief of Staff Wendy Craft this is what she does best and what matters most.

As a single-family office (SFO), Fulcrum Equities is responsible for coordinating and serving the family business and interests of three generations of the Swig family. Founded in 1936 by family patriarch Benjamin Swig, the Fairmont Hotel chain was once the jewel in the crown of the Swig family entities.

Today under President Kent Swig, Fulcrum Equities focuses on commercial real estate development, operating companies and other investments.

Bringing an “owner’s eye and perspective” to its investment practices, the company provides services such as asset management and investment monitoring for the family’s investment portfolio. The company also co-invests with other family companies globally.

“Our vision is to create a family legacy from birth,” suggests Craft. “We’re inspired by the Todd Family in New Zealand. Starting from birth, the family office guides the children and parents and, by the age of 22, each individual is already well versed in family office life.”

Keeping the family in the business is an ethos the Todd family has long developed, and this perspective sits comfortably with Craft. By maintaining the family as a group and empowering them to make long-term decisions, this minimises the need to bring in outsiders.

“We’re interested in replicating this model,” she adds. “It’s an excellent way to keep the family and its wealth together.”

With the Swig family name synonymous with community involvement and philanthropy, this fifth-generation company continues the charitable work of Benjamin Swig who famously said, “There are no pockets in a shroud.”

The family has long supported causes ranging from democratic politics and the arts to education and the Jewish community.

Embedding philanthropy in the DNA of each family member is an imperative and Craft likes the Todd family model for doing this. “At age five, young family members and their parents receive a letter explaining that it’s time to start thinking about others not as fortunate as themselves and considering options to help,” she explains.

Similarly, the Swig family wants to share what’s in their hearts and their investments with those in need in the community and, through her work with Fulcrum Equities, Craft wants to support them achieving this.

As a member of several prominent bar associations including the US Supreme Court, Craft is also active in family office committees, steering committees and is a frequent speaker on family office topics.

When it comes to family offices and synergies with family operating companies, this is Craft’s passion and she’s been contributing invaluably to the Swig family office since 2018.

Recognised as an elite family office decision-maker, Craft was invited to attend Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 8th Global Family Office Investment Summit, joining the world’s largest gathering of influential leading families.

Fulcrum Equities and the Swig family message is clear – what’s important in family offices is locking in the legacy from a young age and ensuring that ‘family’ remains its core foundation.

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