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Xolali Zigah shares tips on winning the investment game

The Cash Angel Founder made the best deal of his career in the past few months – bigger than any deal of 2019.

Cash Angel founder Xolali Zigah

Traditionally, family offices only seal a deal in person. With COVID-19 shaking up the norm, it forced many to pivot their thinking – and it was of benefit to Xolali Zigah.

“In the past three months, I closed the best deal of my whole career,” he explained. “More than all of 2019 combined.

“Because people started to understand they still need to make business decisions and need to create relationships and bond with the company. If you don’t have the ability to see the person face to face you will find another way.”

When Xolali founded Cash Angel, the business was managing around €70,000 per year in assets. Fast-forward four years and the multimillion-dollar venture is now managing €23.6 million in assets.

The secret to this incredible growth? Trust.

“We are committed to our clients,” Xolali said. “We take care of them as if they’re our own families. That’s why we’ve been able to build trust at this level.”

The business may still be in its early years, but the Founder’s industry expertise spans more than a decade.

Providing alternative investments for securing assets is just one of the ways Xolali is making a difference to the lives of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Instead of following traditional investment streams, the business focuses on investing in niche markets such as digital assets.

And with the world forced to move online during the COVID-19 pandemic, the French investor feels right at home.

“At Cash Angel we have the ability to adapt to this new market condition so that’s why we’re offering alternative investments for people and families,” Xolali said. “We really believe with this adaptation of new market conditions that we can win the game of investment if we stay consistent.”

The visionary investment specialist, who generated €10.1 million of revenue in two years after targeting high-value investors believes business leaders need to embrace the new norm to continue thriving and not fall behind.

“In the past three months, I closed the best deal of my whole career – more than all of 2019 combined.” – Xolali Zigah

“They definitely need to look beyond what they have been doing before because we are noticing that the market is really changing,” Xolali explained. “Because families like to meet in person most of the time, they need to understand that because conditions are changing, we need to do it another way.

“We are definitely here to help them create this link. We need to help them to strive during this period by intensifying their relationship with clients. For families, we have special programs and special investments that will help them have added value that no-one has heard before.”

At Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 11th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco, Xolali explained how he observes, predicts and shares his knowledge with investors creating spectacular results.

As for predicting where the global economy would sit in the next 12 months, the investment expert had two theories.

“People will start finding a cure – a vaccine – and the cases will start to get lower,” he said. “The central banks will work together to keep stimulating the economy and keep stimulating the companies. For me, that’s the most probable option.”

However, Xolali said inflation would be a drawback, with hyperinflation a possibility.

On the other side, he believed the less probable outcome would be that no vaccine is found, creating a worst-case scenario with banks failing to support businesses.

“It will be like the crisis of 1929,” he said. “I don’t think it will happen, but it’s a possibility.”

Film by Olivier Ronot
Photos by Cyril Bailleul
Interview by Vanessa Eriksson

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