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The 10 most trusted brands for 2022

From Alipay to WhatsApp, these are the brands with the best reputation in the world’s biggest economies.

trusted brands

Building the reputation of a company – no matter the size – is an extraordinary feat. For those that have made it to the top, it’s taken decades of dedication to become the most trusted brands on Earth.

Assessing how people feel about brands across the 10 largest economies has revealed how varied and subjective consumer trust really is.

The ‘Most Trusted Brands 2022’ report revealed the importance of good-value pricing, quality customer service and local roots. These qualities were identified as the key drivers of trust across the different regions that were examined.

World’s most trusted brands 2022

Band-Aid, US


In the US, where trust in brands is granted to companies that improve personal wellbeing in some way, Band-Aid has established itself as a trusted household name.

The Johnson & Johnson owned company has been a leader in first aid care for more than 100 years and an iconic brand in American culture.

Today, its most popular demographic are Generation X and Millennials, through which the brand has indirect access to children – its core customer. Continuing to provide quality and affordable products helps the company to retain its trust among consumers.

Its net trust score of 57.73 mainly reflects the white adult population in the US despite efforts in recent years to improve racial inclusion.

Alipay, China


With a net trust score of 84.82, Alipay is one of the two most popular digital payment platforms, alongside WeChat Pay, for Chinese consumers.

It played a key role in the nation’s transition to mobile payments, which took place more than a decade ago. Its ease of use and ubiquity explains why Alipay exceeds its parent company Alibaba in terms of trust.

Founded in 2009, the mobile app is the go-to platform for paying taxes, booking an appointment and for making purchases overseas, to name a few.

Millennials (55 per cent) and gen Z (61 per cent) are the most active daily users of Alipay.

Toyota, Japan


With its local origins and net trust score of 44.57, Toyota is Japan’s leading car manufacturer and the nation’s most valuable brand, according to Kantar.

This is particularly noteworthy given that Japanese consumers are the least likely to go out of their way to purchase from the brands they trust.

PayPal, Germany


While Germans are famous for their preference for cash when making purchases, their preferred online payment platform is PayPal (57 per cent), which has a net trust score of 62.76.

In Germany the financial services sector ranked second for most trusted industries.

As the nation’s digital audience continues to grow, online shoppers are likely to adopt newer payment methods as opposed to relying on invoices and cash. Germans distrust towards debt cards is believed to stem from a history of hyperinflation.

Google, India


With a net trust score of 87.59, Google has cemented its position as a trusted brand within the tech sector – an industry where trust is perceived to be most important – at least in India.

In the 2018 TRA Brand Trust Report the online search engine ranked first as the most trusted internet brand ahead of Facebook and Amazon.

Boots, UK


Since its humble beginnings as a herbalist store in Nottingham in the 1800s, Boots has risen to become the UK’s leading health and beauty retailer and its most trusted brand over the years. It has a net trust score of 60.14.

Similarly to its European neighbours France, Germany and Italy, Brits perceive health care as an industry where trust is most important.

Lidl, France


In France where “good value for price” is highly valued, Lidl has positioned itself as a trusted source with its core focus on the highest quality at the lowest price.

The discounter has been establishing a strong presence in Europe for more than 40 years and France is Lidl’s second-largest market after Germany. Its net trust score is 61.25.

WhatsApp, Italy


As the most popular messaging service in Italy, WhatsApp has a net trust score of 67.30 and around 90 per cent of Italians engage with the social media platform each month.

Surprisingly, Italians are mostly using WhatsApp to schedule/postpone health-related appointments as well as gain information about their health status.

Tim Hortons, Canada


Famous for its consistency, predictability and reliability, Tim Hortons has been a trusted brand for Canadians over the years as a result of these factors.

Through regular customer surveys and a demonstrated commitment to strengthening local communities, the brand has built trust over the long term. Its net trust score is 52.25.

Samsung, South Korea


As a native brand to South Korea, Samsung earned its trust against a backdrop of economic patriotism. For this nation, high-quality products and services, more than anything else, is the biggest indicator of trust.

In contrast, in neighbouring countries Japan and China, Samsung is less well-received, suggesting that perceptions of trust vary across different nations. It has a net trust score of 66.35.

World’s most trusted brands 2021

RepTrak revealed the top 10 trusted brands for 2021. More than 2,000 companies were analysed by the experts, where each was given a score between 0 and 100. Every score reflects how willing people are to buy or recommend a product as well as their overall trust in the brand.

How consumers feel and think towards businesses is all taken into consideration for the ultimate reputation ranking, which only considers corporate brands with global revenue above US$2 billion.

LEGO Group


The famous toy company took the golden position as the most trusted brand for 2021.

Not only was it the most trusted business, but it was also the only company to achieve an Excellent Reputation score of 80.4.

LEGO is no stranger to the top tier – it is the second year running in first position for the family-owned business.

“During a difficult year, we prioritised doing what’s right and lived our values,” says Niels B Christiansen, LEGO Group CEO. “We supported those in need and inspired children and families through play.

“Being able to have a positive impact on society motivates us every day.

“I’m very proud of everyone at the LEGO Group who contributed to us being recognised as the most reputable company for the second year in a row.”



Synonymous with iconic timepieces, Rolex closely followed in second place as one of the world’s most trusted brands.

With a score of 79.6, just 0.4 points away from obtaining an Excellent Reputation, Rolex has a solid reputation with the quality of its products.

Between 2016 and 2019, the watchmaker was ranked in first place for four consecutive years.



Known for its fast cars and Italian craftsmanship, Ferrari is among the world’s most trusted brands for 2021.

In third place, its financial performance and leadership capabilities determine how people value the car manufacturer.

Ferrari cemented its position with a score of 78.8 – closely following Rolex and LEGO Group.

The Bosch Group


The German multinational engineering and technology company has been named among the top trusted brands.

In fourth position, The Bosch Group received a reputation score of 78.1, reflecting how people perceive its products and services and financial performance.

And despite being in the Top 10 list for the past five years, this is the highest score The Bosch Group has received.



One of the most iconic US motorcycle companies is also one of the world’s most trusted brands.

Harley-Davidson jumped to the exclusive Top 10 club for the first time this year, moving a phenomenal 15 positions from 20th place last year.

While it’s the fifth most reputable company overall – with a score of 78.1 – it ranks in third position with the Boomer generation of people born between 1946 and 1964.



One of the leaders in professional imaging equipment is also a leader in reputation.

In sixth position, Canon was placed among the world’s most trusted brands due to its efforts in products and services and governance compared to the previous year.

The Japanese company received a Strong Reputation score of 77.6 by RepTrak.



As one of the most iconic sportswear brands in the world, it’s little surprise it doubles as one of the most trusted brands.

For the past five years Adidas has been included in the Top 10 list – this year in seventh position with a score of 77.6.

Its improvement across all areas of business as well as its leadership and governance are pillars of its strong reputation.

The Walt Disney Company


The US$130 billion company is just one of two companies to consistently be ranked among the most reputable top 10 businesses.

Simply known as Disney, the media and entertainment empire is the only one of its type listed with the leading trusted brands.

Despite receiving an overall score of 77.5, it is the only company to receive an Excellent Reputation score for financial performance.



For the eighth time, the American tech conglomerate has been regarded as a reputable brand.

Microsoft, which is worth more than US$1 trillion, is the only software company listed in the top 10 for 2021.

The successful business scored 77.1 overall, giving it a Strong Reputation.



The second Japanese company to make the top 10, Sony is among the enviable list of reputable brands.

Demonstrating impressive improvements in citizenship including how people view its environmental initiatives was one of the key reasons it was scored highly by RepTrak.

Sony completed the leading list for 2021 with a Strong Reputation score of 77.

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