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The countdown to CEO Dare to Cure is on

In support of the Children’s Cancer Institute’s mission to put an end to childhood cancer, CEO Dare to Cure takes place this Friday morning at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

CEO in ice bath challenge for CEO Dare to Cure CCI fundraiser

At this year’s CEO Dare to Cure, more than 90 business leaders are stepping outside their comfort zones to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Institute’s life-saving research. It will be a frenzy of dares, including eating bugs, getting tattoos or shaved heads, cosying up to snakes, walking on fire and glass, and plunging into ice baths.

So, who’s taking part this Friday morning?

Chris Dutton

As a proud partner of CEO Dare to Cure, The CEO Magazine’s CEO Chris Dutton is taking on the challenge and is calling on other CEOs to get on board. “It’s a fantastic cause and I want it to become a must-do event on the calendars of Australia’s business leaders,” he says. Chris has raised more than A$2,000 – not far off the A$2,600 needed to fund the development of life-saving minimal residual disease tests to detect one child’s risk of relapse from leukaemia.

Monika Tu

A self-confessed ‘daredevil’, the Founder and Director of Black Diamondz Group, Monika Tu, is going to be walking on hot coals at the fundraiser. “I always enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people, so I am excited to meet the other CEOs taking part,” she says. “By supporting the Children’s Cancer Institute, not only are we changing lives, but we are also creating an incubator for some of Australia’s brightest medical minds to flourish.” Monica has already exceeded her target, having raised almost A$16,000 – but the sky’s the limit.

Paul Anderson

The CEO of Network 10 plunged in an ice bath twice at last year’s CEO Dare to Cure event – and he’s daring to do the Flying Trapeze this year. “It will be warmer than the ice bath challenge I did last year!” he tells The CEO Magazine. “It’s a great way to give back and be part of the community.” Support Paul who has already raised more than A$10,000.

Joe Kelly

Sydney Roosters athletes know all too well what it’s like to plunge in an ice bath as part of their cryotherapy sports therapy regime. Sydney Roosters CEO Joe Kelly is going to give it a go to see what his team endures, all in the name of supporting a cure for childhood cancer. “I have become aware of the life-changing challenges that families face when their child is diagnosed with cancer,” Joe says. “Seeing and hearing these heartbreaking stories has really resonated with me as a parent.” Help Joe reach his A$20,000 target.

James Neale

Traffik CEO and Clemenger Group Board Director James Neale is having his head shaved at this year’s CEO Dare to Cure. “It will hopefully grow back,” he laughs, “although my kids are worried it will grow back all white!” He adds: “As a proud father of two healthy, young boys, I know how lucky we are and, at the same time, how unfortunate many families are within Australia alone who are struggling with all types of cancers. If we can contribute to help find another cure or discovery, then that would be amazing and hopefully lead to saving more kids across our country.” Show your support for James, who has raised more than A$5,000 for the Children’s Cancer Institute.

Sam Bashiry

Iranian-born refugee and Co-Founder of Broadband Solutions knows all too well about overcoming adversity, but nothing prepared him for his nephew’s diagnosis of leukaemia. “To see him go through such an enormous challenge at that young age really opened my eyes to the battle that children face with cancer,” he says, adding, “We all face our own challenges. It’s important that you just never give up.” Help Sam reach his A$15,000 target.

Read about why Professor Michelle Haber, Executive Director of the Children’s Cancer Institute, has dedicated her life to finding better treatments – and ultimately a cure – for childhood cancer.

Not sure who to donate to? See the full list of CEOs taking part or make a general donation.

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