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Coles Group’s Thinus Keeve wins 2020 Property Executive of the Year Award

Expertise in changing markets and driving the brand’s evolution with a premium retail offering has earned Coles Group’s Chief Property and Export Officer with The CEO Magazine honour.

Thinus Reeve, Coles Group

Thinus Keeve of Coles Group has been named Property Executive of the Year at The CEO Magazine’s 2020 Executive of the Year Awards.

It has been a hectic 12 months for the Chief Property and Export Officer, who is accountable for over 820 supermarkets, 1000 Liquorland, First Choice and Vintage Cellars stores and 750 Coles Express outlets.

“It has been a busy year and it is good to have recognition for that,” said Thinus.

“I see it as recognition for my whole team and all the hard work we do. Coles is playing a big part in the community and I am really happy that has been recognised.

“To be mentioned was an honour. To win the award among my peers is recognition of the work we are doing.”

Since stepping into the role in July 2019, Thinus has lead the roll-out of three new Coles Local stores, an innovative and internationally recognised premium retail offering, which has been a hit with customers.

“The Coles Local format has enabled a new market for supermarkets, as the offer of a smaller, localised store appeals to a new demographic,” he says. “Being able to incorporate a tailored offering and the latest consumer experiences, as well as sustainability initiatives has been key to staying competitive. Being able to supply established local brands, such as Sonoma Bakery and Meatsmith, in these stores has also been attractive to our customers.”

Thinus has also secured four significant industrial property deals to enable investment in distribution centres and online automation, keeping Coles at the forefront of technological advancements.

In addition, he has launched eight new supermarkets, 20 new liquor stores and 70 renewals of existing stores, helping Coles Group deliver a sales growth of 9.7% year on year to A$8.46 billion in the first quarter of 2020.

“I have also expanded Coles’ export business to more than 30 countries, initiated the Mum’s Sause national fundraising campaign to support children’s hospitals across Australia, and led Coles’ successful strategy to become the largest private sector employee of Indigenous Australians,” Thinus shares.

The dynamic executive is also the architect of a power purchase agreement with Metka E, which will generate the equivalent of 10% of Coles’ national energy use from solar farms in NSW.

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