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Talitha Ramsey is the 2020 Executive Assistant of the Year

Hancock Prospecting’s Talitha Ramsey was crowned Executive Assistant of the Year for her remarkable achievements and “whatever it takes” attitude.

Talitha Ramsey EA of the Year

Talitha Ramsey brings 20-plus years of experience to her role as Executive Assistant to both the Group Executive Chair and the CEO of Hancock Prospecting. Her career, spanning a wealth of industries from media to engineering in roles just as diverse, is worthy of praise. But it was her “whatever it takes” attitude that pushed her to the top, earning her the prestigious title of Executive Assistant of the Year at the virtual 2020 Executive of the Year Awards.

“I do whatever it takes to deliver against the often-challenging expectations of senior executives,” Talitha says. “My current role sees me anticipating the needs of both the Group Executive Chair and the CEO. This means I need to stay aware and informed on current business strategic and operational objectives; be organised, proactive and detail oriented; remain an empathetic listener; and provide honest, confidential and trustworthy input.”

With this level of involvement, Talitha’s workload is demanding. But with unwavering poise under pressure and a high level of professionalism, she excels.

“In periods of high-work demand, I manage expectations of others and myself,” she says. “The reality of a very busy workload is also having to put in extra hours over key times to ensure delivery of tasks.

“My mother instilled in me good values, focus, goal orientation and persistence, no matter the hardship. This approach to life has been of immeasurable value, contributing greatly to my career achievements to date.”

“I do whatever it takes to deliver against the often-challenging expectations of senior executives.” – Talitha Ramsey

Talitha has been with Hancock Prospecting for eight years, taking on increasingly more responsibility since joining in 2012. Finding immense inspiration from the Group Executive Chair Gina Rinehart, who transformed Hancock Prospecting into the most successful private mining and agricultural company in Australian history, Talitha says an exceptional leader is one who inspires others to be the best they can be.

“I am thankful that both the Executive Chairman and CEO of Hancock Prospecting Group had steadfast faith in my capabilities and accomplishments, encouraging me to apply to the 2020 Executive of the Year Awards,” she says. “Without their unwavering support, I would not have had the success I had. Winning the Executive Assistant of the Year award has left me feeling energised and motivated to continue to learn and grow.”

To her, events like the Executive of the Year Awards are crucial to the wellbeing of the business world. “The CEO Magazine Executive of the Year Awards present the opportunity to value and appreciate executives and their important contributions to the business community,” she says.

“They motivate strong performance by recognising achievement. They allow professionals across multiple industries the opportunity to meet and network, help them stay informed on current trends in other businesses, encourage creative thinking and promote new ideas.”

If you’re a leader in your field, Talitha recommends applying for the 2021 Executive of the Year Awards and offers some advice.

“Don’t hold back,” she urges. “The CEO Magazine‘s Executive of the Year Awards is a prestigious event and a great platform for Executive Assistants to be recognised nationally.”

“The key is to allocate enough time to complete all the questions and submission, being honest with your responses and taking the opportunity to showcase your achievements, abilities and skill set. Back up your submission with additional information, including video web links and/or photos to give a broader insight for the judges. And lastly, stick to the word limit.”

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