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Leading with purpose: A guide from Talent International’s Mark Nielsen

Mark Nielsen shares how he empowers his team for greater business success.

Talent International is the largest independently owned and operated technology and digital recruitment business in Australia. “Our vision is to redefine the world of recruitment,” says Talent International’s APAC CEO Mark Nielsen. “We are doing this by continually innovating through increased engagement of our people and utilisation of digital platforms.”

The company matches candidates to job opportunities within the IT, telecommunications, government, resources, digital, education and utilities sectors. Its 300 workers are spread across 17 offices around the world.

Mark has a background in accountancy, private equity and corporate finance; with previous roles in the technology, resources, retail and medical sectors. He initially joined Talent International as CFO in 2013 before rising to CEO three years later.

Coaching, support, mentorship

As a business leader, Mark believes in empowering his team through providing coaching, support and mentorship. He also believes in the power of delegation. “Delegation is crucial as it frees me up to work on the business as a whole,” he says. “Most importantly, it facilitates learning and growth for other leaders who can then take on more responsibility.”

Central to Mark’s workmanship is a focus on being authentic as a leader and sometimes showing vulnerability. “It not only sums up my approach to business but it’s what I want and encourage from my team,” he says.

Mark was named CEO of the Year and Professional Services Executive of the Year at The CEO Magazine’s 2018 Executive of the Year Awards. This year, Mark is a judge of the 2019 awards. He explains how the awards provide a platform for finalists and winners to build their professional profile. “The awards provide inspiration for emerging leaders within all organisations and shows them what can be achieved.”

If there is one piece of advice Mark would pass on to other leaders, it centres around purpose. “Create a purpose, sense of adventure and fun within your organisation,” he says. “People will then want to come on the journey with you and be engaged and passionate about the business.”

“Create a purpose, sense of adventure and fun within your organisation.”

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