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Lamborghini unveils the Countach LPI 800-4 at Milano Design Week

The Italian marque’s strong ties to the world of design was given full expression with the European exhibition of Future Is Our Legacy in partnership with Carlo Ratti Associati.


With an exhibit that evoked the look and feel of an art gallery, Lamborghini showcased high-performance vehicles and celebrated innovative partnerships with iGuzzini, Tecnomar and Carlo Ratti Associati.

Giving visitors the ultimate experience to appreciate the evolution and technological expertise of the brand, the Countach LP400, Aventador Ultimae and the star of the show, the new Countach LPI 800-4, were brought to life in the 825-square-metre space with atmospheric lighting, soundscapes and video projections. Gradually revealed from their ‘dynamic boxes’, the dimly lit setting created an air of mystery surrounding the vehicles on display.

Since the first Countach made its debut 50 years ago at the Geneva International Motor Show, the latest limited-edition hybrid supercar embodies the sensation of being in a vehicle of the future, boasting luxury Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. However, it also pays homage to the historic LP400 model, which reimagined the supercar and influenced every Lamborghini that came thereafter.

The revolutionary design features have been tweaked for this new era with even sharper edges and exclusive trims that reflect the Countach’s unconventional and timeless style that lives on into the future.

A TIME Magazine-nominated Best Invention of 2019, the write-and-erase Scribit robot also made its presence known through sketching the Countach’s evolution, further adding to the event’s futuristic vibe.

For boating enthusiasts, a model reproduction of the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 marked a unique collaboration that culminated in what came close enough to being the ‘Lamborghini on water’, fusing the distinct strengths from both companies that could be admired up close.

Finally, the Italian automaker channelled its philosophy of custom-made design and high performance into Mya, a desk lighting solution to suit your personal needs, born from the partnership between Centro Stile Automobili Lamborghini and iGuzzini. Via illumination, it offers a unique interpretation of the Lamborghini legacy that is mirrored in its luxury automobiles.

The exclusive exhibition was open for public viewing from 4–10 September at Superstudio Events in Milan.

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