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Party under the desert stars with House of K’dor

Luxury jewellery brand House of K’dor celebrates its latest collection with spectacular food, entertainment, fashion and connection in the Abu Dhabi desert.

Australia’s beloved luxury jewellery brand House of K’dor is about to make waves in the Middle East with a splendour of food, entertainment and, of course, jewellery at its Jewels of the Middle East event in and around Abu Dhabi.

The dinner, complete with camel-riding and a private fashion show, will take place under the stars at luxury hotel Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort and Spa.

Before the evening, House of K’dor will also host an indulgent VIP 24-karat gold high tea at the Emirates Palace, a magnificent five-star hotel located on the edge of the city.

The brand has collaborated with Etihad Airways, J’aton Couture and Lamborghini to ensure the event is a “cross-dimensional luxury experience”.

“The concept for this event is to harness the essence and beauty of this enchanting region,” says Creative Director Zena Kaddour. “K’dor Emirati is a vibrant collection, inspired by people and we want to bring joy to them through our world-class, bespoke designs.”

The stones used in the collection include vibrant tanzanite, deep sapphires, sparkling emeralds and tourmalines.

“We referenced the dusky skies, golden sand dunes, breathtaking architecture and spirited warmth of the Arabian people,” she says.

“To us, this is not only an opportunity to brighten up our world with colour but also to showcase a rich palette that mirrors the Emirati joy for life.”

Abu Dhabi’s stunning architecture, a plethora of attractions for families, opulent retail centres and geometric design bestow an exciting environment for the event.

“The melting pot of people who frequent and live in this region are known to appreciate beauty, culture and luxury,” Zena says. “It’s an ambitious region with big dreams, and is an ideal fit with House of K’dor.”

Sure to exceed guests’ expectations, Zena and her husband Tarick do nothing half-heartedly. Above all, they want people to feel connected and to celebrate the people they love.

“We see ourselves as a luxury experience brand, as much as creators of exquisite jewellery,” Zena says. “When you come into our boutique or join us at an event, it’s like coming into our home.”

Zena believes in humanising the luxury sector and keeping the focus on quality, craftsmanship, custodianship and the customer, rather than creating unnecessary distance between the host and their guests in a quest for exclusivity.

“No matter what, you are treated like family,” she explains. “We want to feed you, make sure you’re well-nourished, and we will genuinely talk to you – sometimes for hours over champagne and cake – about your family, goals and dreams.”

“We care to get to know each and every one of you and build a lifetime friendship together. We’re the opposite of transactional.”

The Kaddours’ generosity, warmth and authenticity will shine through every detail for a truly memorable event.

“The K’Dor experience will elevate your five senses as you embark with us on an unforgettable, magical journey,” Zena says.

“That’s our definition of luxury. It’s the emotion and connection you feel when you are surrounded by all things K’dor. We believe inclusion and warmth is the new luxury.”

Take a further look inside House of K’dor’s lavish 20-year celebration.

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