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Here is the best Champagne, whisky, wine and beer for the festive season

Whatever you desire, here are some of the best celebratory drops to enjoy.

best wine, champagne, beer and whisky for holiday season 2019

Whether you want to celebrate with a flute of delicious Champagne, a tumbler of warming whisky or a bottle of vintage wine, we’ve rounded up some of the top drops for you to indulge in this festive season.


Dom Perignon Vintage 2008

Full of depth, density and complexity, the Vintage 2008 is powerful on the nose while aromatic on the palate. With its smoky notes and characteristic acidity, this luxe drop marries effortlessly with meat and seafood, cooked or raw.

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2006

Oozing silkiness, this fresh and candied citrus Champagne is truly delightful. Crafted from 53% pinot noir and 47% chardonnay, the floral-tasting La Grande Dame 2006 is perfect with oysters, crab, sea bass, truffles, scallops, caviar and dry-aged cheeses – all the delicious treats of the silly season.

Bollinger Special Cuvée

The French Maison has been producing powerful Champagnes since 1829, and there is no exception for the Special Cuvée. A blend of harvest grapes and reserve wines, which have been aged in magnums for up to 15 years, makes for a beautifully complex blend of ripe fruit and spicy aroma.

best wines, champagne, beer 2019
Image: Bollinger Facebook.


Casanova di Neri Ib Bianco 2015

Made from handpicked grapes at Spereta farm in Montalcino, Italy, Ib Bianco is made with 50% vermentino and 50% grechetto, making for a fresh, structured wine with scents of apple and almonds as well as pineapple and flowery tones.

Hundred Acre Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Rich and velvety, this Napa Valley wine packs the palate with spicy fruits and leaves behind lingering earthy notes. It’s a full-bodied number with a nose of crème de cassis, notes of blueberry compote and candied violets, and hints of red roses, chocolate mint, stewed tea and cumin.

Penfolds Bin 23 Pinot Noir 2018

You can hardly celebrate the holidays without a bottle of this bold Australian icon. Bin 23 Pinot Noir is a delectable medium-bodied drop with velvety tannins and notes of cherry and strawberry fruits. It’s perfect for drinking now but will only get better with age.

best wines, champagne, beer 2019
Image: Penfolds Facebook.


The Balvenie Portwood 21 years

Considered to be one of Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE’s finest creations, you can’t go past a bottle of Portwood. Aged for 21 years, this liquid gold leaves a refined yet creamy texture on your palate with gentle notes of fruit, honey and spice.

Yamazaki Distillers Reserve

As the leading single malt whisky in Japan, the Distillers Reserve is nothing less than exceptional. Crafted with sherry casks, the single malt leaves coffee, chocolate and a hint of smoke on your palate.

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruba

Acclaimed for its incredible smoothness, this highland single malt has been aged in bourbon casks, which creates smooth, fruity notes, before being finished in ruby port casks for ultimate velvety depth.

best wines, champagne, beer 2019
Image: Glenmorangie Facebook.

Specialty beer

Brunehaut triple organic

Having developed a range of organic and gluten-free beers, this Belgium company leads the way with unique brews. Brunehaut Triple Organic is fresh and elegant to the end, making it the perfect accompaniment for hard cheeses.

Taxman Brewing Co. Evasion

The award-winning Maple Vanilla Evasion beer has a hefty amount of alcohol as well as a sweet touch of maple and sugar. This US-made barrel-aged stout is guaranteed to be an interesting addition to any celebration.

Redoak Chateau Sour

Made by Australia’s most-awarded brewery, the Chateau Sour is the ultimate wood-aged brew, with distinct flavours of plum, cherry and raisins, no hop bitterness, and a refreshing sour dry finish.

best wines, champagne, beer 2019
Image: Redoak Facebook.

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