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Crime, comedy and careers: 10 best podcasts to binge in 2020

With guests such as Dolly Parton, Ricky Gervais and Hillary Rodham Clinton, these podcasts are sure to inspire, entertain and intrigue.


On the train, in the car, during your lunchbreak or while doing the dreaded household chores: podcasts are a convenient way to absorb information, or just escape your own head for a while.

Whether you’re looking to brush up on your business and finance knowledge, delve deeper into controversial social issues, or simply have a laugh on your daily commute, these are the best podcasts you should download today.

How to Fail podcast
How to Fail
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A celebration of our shortcomings and imperfections, ‘How to Fail’ reminds us that sometimes, our failures are the best things to ever happen to us. Hosted by UK journalist Elizabeth Day, each week features a new guest who shares what they learned from overcoming personal and professional challenges to achieve success. Undoubtedly a feel-good podcast, guests’ refreshingly vulnerable and honest anecdotes make listening a treat. Guests include Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge, singer-songwriter Lily Allen, and philosopher Alain De Botton.


Jeffery Epstein podcast
Truth and Lies: Jeffery Epstein
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He’s a man that needs no introduction. Tracking Jeffery Epstein’s horrifying pattern of abuse all the way back to 2005, this eight-episode series uncovers the financier’s far-reaching network of underage girls. Despite the overwhelming evidence mounted against him, how exactly did Epstein manage to escape all but minor charges? This podcast shares the stories of the women who survived, as well as lawyers and investigators who fought hard to bring Epstein to justice.


How I Built This podcast
How I Built This
Listen here

Ever wondered how Bobbi Brown, Instagram, Drybar and Ben & Jerry’s evolved into the empires they are today? Wonder no more. In each 30-minute episode, Guy Raz speaks to a different creator to hear their origin story and explore the highs and lows of building one of the world’s most-loved brands. Insightful, inspirational and honest, this podcast is a must for entrepreneurs.


Barack and Michelle Obama podcast
Barack and Michelle Obama

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are about to dive into the podcast game, after signing a deal with Spotify in 2019 to produce an exclusive series of podcasts on a wide range of topics. They’re yet to release any more details, so keep an ear out.


I Weigh podcast
I Weigh

When actress and activist Jameela Jamil called out the Kardashians for a vain, weight-focused Instagram post, she had no idea her response would transform into a movement that warranted its own Instagram account. Focused around the idea that we are worth more than our body mass, ‘I Weigh’ is what Jamil refers to as a “museum of self-love”. Famous for trolling diet-tea-hawking celebrities in interviews and on Twitter, her upcoming podcast (launching in February) will invite comedians, actors, writers and performers to discuss all things fat-shaming, feminism, airbrushing, acceptance and more.


GreenPlanet BluePlanet podcast
GreenPlanet BluePlanet
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If the first month of 2020 is anything to go by, sustainability will take centre stage this year. We know we need to change our personal and professional habits, and this podcast will show you how to take a holistic approach to make the greatest difference. Host Julian Guderley offers a platform for guests to share theories on a wide range of topics – from sustainability and consciousness to spirituality and symbiotic relationships.


The BizChix Podcast
The BizChix Podcast
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More than just a podcast, BizChix is a community of women dedicated to helping fellow entrepreneurs rise through the ranks and take their business to the next level. The host of the show is career coach, mother and entrepreneur Natalie Eckdahl. She can help you understand which home and career tasks to outsource in order to maximise your efficiency, how to develop a growth-oriented mindset, and how to overcome the challenges women face every day in the workplace.


Dolly Parton's America podcast
Dolly Parton’s America
Listen here

With a face and a voice so instantly recognisable, you’d think the world would know all there is to know about Dolly Parton. This podcast suggests otherwise, taking a deep dive into the world of the country music singer, exploring her childhood, discography and far-reaching impact on American culture. Hosted by Jad Abumrad, the nine-part series is refreshingly personal – prepare to fall in love with Dolly all over again.


Gossipmongers podcast
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This podcast sees British comedians David Earl, Joe Wilkinson and Poppy Hillstead read out absurd small-town rumours and urban legends sent in by listeners, then decide which one they like most. With the obviously nonsensical ‘welly baby’ tale, and Ricky Gervais and Richard Osman among its guests, this weird and wonderful podcast will have you laughing out loud.


Happy Place podcast
Happy Place
Listen here

Delving into the concept of mindfulness and what happiness means to different people, host Fearne Cotton shares intimate conversations with the likes of Jonathan Van Ness, Maisie Williams and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Uplifting, honest and universally relatable, ‘Happy Place’ takes listeners on a journey through the less talked about issues in our society. A reminder that celebrities face a lot of the same struggles as the average person, this podcast will help you find a different way of looking at life.
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