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How La Prairie became the pinnacle of the skincare industry

Caviar, gold and platinum are just some of the lavish ingredients of the scientifically formulated Swiss potions.

La Prairie

Renowned for its coveted, scientifically advanced beauty products that contain caviar, platinum and gold, La Prairie is nothing less than the crowning jewel of the skincare industry.

Elevating science to an art, the Swiss brand has been developing groundbreaking formulas since its inception, using precious ingredients to offer the desirable promise of time.

Dubbed the world’s most luxurious skincare, Clinique La Prairie first opened its doors in 1931. It was there at the sanctuary where Dr Paul Niehans founded Exclusive Cellular Complex working as the head doctor. The therapy was an intriguing breakthrough in rejuvenation that saw the world’s most elite flock to the bespoke clinic.

“The Exclusive Cellular Complex remains our secret – no single technician or chemist knows the exact recipe.” – Ai San Beaumont

Under the scientific leadership of Dr Niehans, the clinic became an extraordinary nexus marrying pioneering science and vitality. But it wasn’t until 1978 when the La Prairie brand was established with the former World War I field doctor at the helm. Forty-two years later, the exclusive cellular complex still remains at the heart of almost every product.

“The complex is so extraordinary that we go to great lengths to protect it,” Ai San Beaumont, La Prairie Marketing & Communications Director, explained at an exclusive webinar. “Beyond the page step formula and process, La Prairie uses three separate labs for production to ensure the Exclusive Cellular Complex remains our secret – no single technician or chemist knows the exact recipe.”

The 2020 global skincare market is valued at US$145.2 billion according to Statista, and the Swiss brand is undoubtedly at the pinnacle of the lucrative industry.

By embracing an artistic approach to science, Niehans was able to explore new possibilities, crafting state-of-the-art formulas – with caviar infusion being one of the most iconic to date.

“Pollution is thought to be the new UV because of the ageing affect it can have on the skin.” – Belinda Besant

La Prairie has spent 30 years researching the power of the culinary delicacy, capturing its marine nutrients in uniquely potent formulations that have a lifting and firming effect on skin. The first caviar products were launched in 1987, and now represent 7 out of 10 of the Swiss brand’s top selling products globally.

“We were the first brand to put caviar into a cream when it was food that you ate,” Ai San explains. “To create a cream in a cobalt blue jar instead of putting it in a clinical white jar was bold – we’re always trying to push boundaries.”

Stars of La Prairie collections

During the world-first La Prairie webinar exclusive to Australia, Regional Training and Events Director Belinda Besant showcased the brand’s heroes across its Skin Caviar, White Caviar and Platinum Rare collections.

The celebrated cobalt blue jar of the Skin Caviar collection has become a popular staple on the dressing tables of discerning users across the world, and it’s no accident.

La Prairie
La Prairie Clinic

“The Skin Caviar Luxe Cream really is the icon of audacity,” Belinda explains. “It goes beyond what was previously thought possible.”

One of La Prairie’s most well-known moisturisers, this cream is adored for its outstanding lifting and firming results.

Magical results aren’t just limited to the famous original, though.

The Illuminating Pearl Infusion in the White Caviar collection could be the secret needed for youthful skin. This light-infused serum is designed to achieve glowing skin in four weeks through its exclusive formulation – active ingredients encased in white caviar pearls.

“Pollution is thought to be the new UV because of the ageing affect it can have on the skin,” Belinda says. “It’s something we can’t escape, and you want to protect your skin.

“This (serum) has a shield that protects the skin from those microparticles that lay on the skin and dull and prematurely damage the skin.”

Layering the powerful potion with the White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire is recommended in order to boost the anti-ageing benefits to new heights. The cream has been infused with Lumidose, which help to improve the appearance of discoloured skin.

“Our scientists did a lot of work when measuring the results of these products,” Belinda shares. “They found the result of using them both together was amplified but also that the issue we sometimes have with collagen degradation is improved when you use both the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion and White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire.”

But the finest of La Prairie’s scientifically formulated products is found in the Platinum Rare collection.

Working to preserve the skin’s texture and tone, the Platinum Rare Cellular Cream offers dual action wrinkle control through forming an invisible veil to maintain moisture for long-lasting hydration.

“It’s not only about adding years of life, but adding life to years”. – Dr Paul Niehans

Despite originally being launched at the height of the global financial crisis in 2008, there was a lengthy waiting list of clients seeking the luxurious cream, further cementing the desire for phenomenal skin care that delivers results.

As Dr Niehans once said, “It’s not only about adding years of life, but adding life to years”.

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