As the first wave of gen Z graduates enter the workforce, a new study reveals the cities that most appeal to this demographic.

The ‘2019 Generation Z City Index’ by apartment search site Nestpick examined 110 cities, analysed gen Z trends and ranked them according to 22 factors divided into four main categories: digitalisation, business, principles and leisure.

The study determined which cities were the most attractive choices for creators, advocates and pioneers for those born between 1997 and 2012.

Gen Zers entered a tech-savvy world battling a climate crisis, recession and life post 9/11, making them digital experts who value security, diversity and autonomy.

The cities believed to meet the requirements of the newest generation entering the daily grind were chosen by Nestpick based on the way they acted to meet demands of previous generations including gen Xers and Millennials.

Experts also believe gen Z will be the ones to fix the broken workforce. According to Google's Chief Education Evangelist Jaime Casap, the digitally savvy employees will unlock potential in new ways, whether it's through learning from past mistakes, technology or adapting age-old methods.

So where will these fresh-faced, innovative and determined young people be working? It appears nowhere they simply don't want to. Here are the top five cities best equipped to meet gen Z’s desires and needs.

Top cities for gen Z


Coming in as the best city for the youngest generation of workers, the UK city offers the best in social entrepreneurship, co-working spaces and concerts.


Digital payment and banking options, environmental action and the right to protest are all reasons the Swedish capital is ranked second.

Los Angeles

The city of sunshine is not only a city of dreams, but it offers gen Zers innovative education programs, according to the study.


Toronto ranked the highest for the right to protest, access to health care and social entrepreneurship.

New York City

Coming in as the fifth best city for gen Zers, the Big Apple's best offerings include co-working spaces, concerts and government digitalisation.