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Shafin Diamond Tejani lends startups a helping hand through his company

Victory Square Technologies CEO Shafin Diamond Tejani provides startups with a new world of experience.

In 2015, Shafin Diamond Tejani took the plunge and officially launched his Canadian-based business, Victory Square Technologies (VST).

The startup accelerator funds early-stage startups and entrepreneurs who have gone through the business’s Living Labs and startup programs such as Launch Academy.

VST also provides mentorship and a creative workspace to startups specialising in web, mobile, gaming and film sectors.

Five years on and VST’s portfolio now consists of more than 20 global companies using AI, VR/AR and blockchain to disrupt sectors including fintech, insurance and health.

“Our model and IP is our process, and that process starts with us identifying a large customer in a large market, identifying a pinpoint for that customer, so that they can adapt to these new emerging technologies,” Tejani tells The CEO Magazine.

“During the first dotcom bubble, there were a lot of famous global brands that didn’t adapt and later died. We work with large companies to help them adapt and learn from past mistakes.”

The CEO is not new to the world of startups. Behind Tejani are years of success, challenges and trial and error. He launched his first company, iFluRtz, a dating site, out of his dorm room at the age of 19 and has gone on to establish over 40 startups in 21 different countries.

As part of VST’s ongoing commitment to the promotion of machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain, the business was part of Sir Anthony Ritossa’s exclusive 10th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai.

The invitation allowed Tejani to detail the presence of VST portfolio companies in these technology segments and be part of the ‘Investing in a New Age’ discussion.

Tejani is also a member of Social Venture Partners Vancouver. The organisation is comprised of philanthropists who donate time, expertise and money to help non-profits succeed.

Ultimately, the vision is to ensure that more children and youth reach their full potential. To ensure this happens, VST has committed to donating to over 50 organisations across Canada.

These organisations include BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Science World, Mealshare, WE Family, Variety BC, Room to Read, A4K, Simon Fraser University’s Victory Square Girls Tech Camp, Children’s Wish Foundation, Covenant House BC and KidSafe.

Through VST, Tejani and his team have donated over 7,500 volunteer hours, raised more than US$75 million for school programs and community organisations, and awarded over US$250,000 in scholarships.

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