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The innovative way HYVE is disrupting the global workforce

HYVE Founder and CEO Tudor Stomff is tackling an industry set to be worth US$350 billion by 2023.

HYVE Tudor Stomff

Helping to build an interconnected global community as the world turns to a decentralised workforce, HYVE Founder and CEO Tudor Stomff is breaking barriers to spearhead a future of heightened connectivity.

The community-governed ecosystem is solving problems in the global freelance and workforce market, allowing individuals to work with technology to build their own platforms using HYVE’s program, as well as offering infrastructure for centralised companies to adopt a new way of doing business.

“We’re a global task directory where any two humans from around the world can work together, and in relation to that we also allow machines to work together,” Stomff tells The CEO Magazine . “The second thing we do is provide infrastructure for service platforms and marketplaces so that anyone who wants to make use of blockchain technology can actually build their own platform on top of our ecosystem.”

As more people continue to work independently, the demand for remote platforms will increase – and it’s estimated to be a US$350 billion market by 2023.

Through connecting workers with employment opportunities, HYVE then follows with smart contracts, decentralised governance and payment processes. This allows costs to be reduced by cutting out the middleman, creates flexibility and provides transparency and safety all while benefiting token holders.

One of the key differentiators of HYVE is its offering of new features and mechanics that don’t exist on other platforms.

“Before we actually released HYVE to the public, we had been working on it for over three years. In addition to that, we’ve been in the blockchain space since 2013 so that gave us an edge in terms of what would work, what we should and shouldn’t focus on,” Stomff explains.

And it’s an industry that wasn’t impacted by the global health pandemic.

“We’ve always been a decentralised company, even before working with HYVE, because we were in the blockchain space,” Stomff says. “That means it is easier for us to go through the whole pandemic phase because we were actually used to [working that way and] we had the necessary tools to just work with one another.”

At Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 15th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco, Stomff received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his innovative work.

Attracting 400 of the world’s family offices and wealthiest investors to the Monaco summit, the Romanian founder shared what HYVE has to offer leaders at a global level.

Set to launch two new products in the next 12 months, Stomff’s main focus is to grow the database to one million HYVE users as well as onboarding 25 new companies to build on top of their ecosystem.

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