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Premier conference helps women in finance break the glass ceiling

At the 2019 Unstoppable Conference held by Financial Executive Woman, a cohort of experts and renowned leaders will share invaluable tips and financial insights to help women break through the glass ceiling.

Premier conference helps women in finance break the glass ceiling

The Annual Leadership Conference of Financial Executive Women (FEW) strives to break barriers and inspire women to bust through the glass ceiling in the traditionally male-dominated industry, and 2019’s Unstoppable Conference in March is no different.

Guests will receive invaluable tips and industry insights shared by some of Australia’s finest business experts and renowned leaders in the financial industry.

Dedicated to current and future leaders in financial services, the anticipated event focuses on a different theme each year. For 2019, Unstoppable is the essence of the conference, dedicated to people who are relentless in their pursuit of excellence and endeavour to make a positive impact in the industry. While the organisation strives to empower women, about a third of participants are expected to be men who are all equally passionate about empowering others in the industry.

With the aim of inspiring women to advance their careers, the conference will feature an impressive cohort of experts and renowned leaders who’ll share tips and insights.

The Annual Leadership Conference held in Sydney will feature an incredible lineup of leading commerce figures including Macquarie Group CEO and Managing Director Shemara Wikramanayake, PEXA Customer and Revenue Group Executive Mike Cameron, and Flamingo AI CEO and Founder Dr Catriona Wallace.

The inspiring event follows FEW’s Making A Difference Conference held in 2018 in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne (which held an average NPS of 9.14).

While the annual leadership event is designed to empower women, the organisation also supports several charities to nurture upcoming leaders. SISTER2Sister (a mentoring program for ‘at risk’ and troubled teenage girls) and Future2 (the Financial Planning Association’s foundation for young people) are two of the important causes backed by the business.

FEW, which was founded in 2013 by Judith Beck, was first established to provide a Career Advocacy Program for successful women in commerce where members could seek advice, guidance and support from more experienced members.

Using the structured support system, members can build a strong career with mentorship from like-minded individuals to create a strong community of women in finance.

Unstoppable 2019 will be held on 28 March 2019 at Macquarie in Sydney.

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