Ever wanted to get behind the wheel of the rare Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental or be photographed with a £2.5 million Bugatti Chiron? Starr Luxury Cars is making those dreams come true.

Harbouring a penchant for the finer things in life, Ikenna Ordor established the luxury car company to celebrate the pinnacle of classic and vintage models with fellow aficionados.

Whether it’s one of history’s most iconic vehicles, a James Bond-worthy ride or an ultra-opulent Bentley Mulsanne, any one from the fleet can be hired with incredible ease – making it the ultimate sharing economy for luxury cars.

“To be driven in comfort is just the beginning of luxury,” Ordor told The CEO Magazine . “We can deliver a Lamborghini jet-side at 4am on a request made just two hours prior, and we make sure if you ask for a James Bond-style Aston Martin, that is exactly what you will receive in your driveway.”

The entrepreneur sources supercars through partner suppliers, allowing for the availability of an incredible range of makes and models.

While you might choose to arrive at your next event in the head-turning, jaw-dropping Rolls-Royce Dawn or perhaps be greeted by the sleek beast that is the McLaren 720S after your private jet flight, it’s the Bugatti Chiron that really stands out from the fleet.

As Starr Luxury Car’s most expensive offering, the £2.5 million mid-engine two-seater sports car, which is one of the fastest road-legal cars in the world, is only accessible to high profile photo or film shoots.

“In life I have always practiced not being a wantrepreneur, but being an entrepreneur. All hands on deck and eggs in, rather than plotting and scheming to no avail,” – Ikenna Ordor

And if a touch of royalty is required at your next black-tie event, the 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental by Barker is the obvious choice. The UK-based company’s rarest vehicle is just one of 10 ever made and has recently undergone a two-year restoration.

“This car was ordered new by Sir George Macpherson-Grant 5th Baronet of Ballindalloch and owner of Grants whisky,” Ordor says. “She’s painted in dove grey and ebony black with a large sunroof, burgundy leather and burr walnut tables in the back – she is one of the finest vintage cars in the country.”

Creating companies and investing in hospitality has always been a passion for the Starr Luxury Cars founder. After growing up in Nigeria, Ordor moved to the UK with his mother when he was 14 and it was there that he became inspired by his mother’s job of buying and selling houses.

“In life I have always practiced not being a wantrepreneur, but being an entrepreneur,” he says. “All hands on deck and eggs in, rather than plotting and scheming to no avail.

“I owned a transport company, which I sold because I didn’t feel it matched my personality, nor ambitions. With the introduction and advancement of Uber’s operations in London, it just seemed a far stretch to be the leaders in the industry.”

It was Jet Smarter that sparked Ordor’s idea for a next-level travel platform “with a clear mission of being a global leader of luxury travel options”.

The entrepreneur is also looking to lessen the occurrences of drink-driving with its on-demand driver service set to be launched within the next six months.

“It’s for our clients who choose to be driven in their own pride and joy,” Ordor says. “I am very excited about the prospect of this and the social impact of discouraging drink driving for clients who like to arrive in their own vehicle at social engagements.”

The company delivers supercars to clients’ homes, offices or even jets to locations exclusively in the UK. However, the start-up has received global requests, from Switzerland to Dubai and the US.

“We are pacing ourselves to make sure that when we scale, we have an impeccable offering that puts us as the leader in market for automated luxury transport options,” he says.

“Our offering permits luxury in every sense of the word and beyond.”