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BWX’s CEO Dave Fenlon on the future of health and wellbeing

Dave Fenlon, CEO of BWX, discusses trust and relevance in today’s ever-changing society.

A strong advocate for improving health and enjoying enhanced wellbeing, the CEO of BWX, Dave Fenlon, believes in helping as many people as possible to improve their personal situation.

Previously Managing Director of Blackmores, this path has led Dave to a passion for natural health and improved wellbeing. “I will remain forever thankful that my time with Blackmores got me, and those important to me, excited and inspired about these improvements,” he says. “Every one of us can enjoy some such improvements.”

Dave boasts a spectacular career in the public and private sectors, building success for other businesses as well as his own, and being involved in executive and board positions across Europe, Australia and Asia. For him, it is about creating organisational and individual health and values while achieving strategic and financial outcomes.

“I have had to learn how modern medicine meets more ancient ways; where complementary therapies meet new technology and fads compete with the science,” he says.

“I’m always open to hearing about a different way of thinking.”

Dave’s motto is to never stop learning; advice many people have shared with him throughout his life.

“It is hard to argue against, isn’t it? I never stop trying to get better. I’m never against starting a better way, I’m always open to hearing about a different way of thinking,” he says.

“In a world which is just about to experience the root and branch change that AI and related technologies bring, I hope that I never stop learning and stay as relevant as possible.”

“I hope that I never stop learning and stay as relevant as possible.”

Dave believes that recognition is vitally important as it “expresses appreciation and value to those who are rewarded and forms an important motivation for improvement for those seeking to be considered in the future”.

As one of this year’s judges for The CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards, Dave appreciates “celebrating the best of what we can be, creating expectations and aspirations along the way”.

“Sure, we all like the opportunity to network, to learn and to celebrate, and the Awards offer these opportunities,” he explains. “But we also have a community responsibility to deciding what constitutes ‘best in class’ of our achievements, and this includes integrity, decency and respect. The Awards provide a springboard for this to be achieved.”

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