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Photo of Jukka Leinonen - CEO of DNA

Jukka Leinonen

Jukka Leinonen shares how DNA Ltd is diversifying its offerings and services across a range of sectors to ensure it remains at the forefront of…

Photo of Piet Mosterd - CEO of AWL-Techniek

Piet Mosterd

CEO of AWL-Techniek Piet Mosterd attributes the company’s increasing global presence to its years of experience in welding.

Photo of Geoff Lilliss - Former CEO of Ampcontrol

Geoff Lilliss

Geoff Lilliss reflects on Ampcontrol’s humble beginnings in the Hunter region. Now the company provides world-class electrical solutions across the globe.

Photo of Ian Stirling - Former CEO of Electranet

Ian Stirling

ElectraNet is undergoing some regulatory and structural changes that will see long-standing CEO, Ian Stirling, leave his position at the end of the year.

Photo of Katryna Dow - CEO of Meeco

Katryna Dow

Katryna Dow opens our eyes to Meeco – a privacy solution that many Australians don’’t realise they need.

Photo of Peter Nilsson - CEO of Sanitec Group

Peter Nilsson

From the lows of the recession, Sanitec Group has transformed its operations. Peter Nilsson discusses the company’s holistic systems and cohesive culture.

Photo of Michael Ostermann

Michael Ostermann

Michael Ostermann explains that Exide Technologies is exploring new markets and products in order to meet increasingly complex consumer needs.

Photo of Guy Picken - MD of Rexel Holdings Australia

Guy Picken

Guided by Guy Picken, Rexel Holdings Australia is revamping its operations and relationships with an eye on sustainability and innovation.

Photo of Stephen Borg - CEO ANZ of AOPEN

Stephen Borg

Stephen Borg explains that AOPEN’s recent rebranding and repositioning has dramatically shifted the company’’s focus and operations in the technology space.

Photo of Laurent Abadie - CEO & Chairman of Panasonic Europe

Laurent Abadie

Panasonic is a global powerhouse that is transforming the way people use technology. Laurent Abadie shares how the company is revolutionising energy usage.

Photo of Peter Rothschild  - CEO of BioGaia

Peter Rothschild

Guided by Peter Rothschild, Swedish healthcare and probiotics company BioGaia is commissioning leading research to explore the potentials for human health.

Photo of José Duarte - CEO of UNIT4

José Duarte

Guided by José Duarte, UNIT4 is embraces change and provides its clients with the technology to remain agile in an ever-fluctuating business environment.