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Photo of Erik Helin - CEO of SPECTA

Erik Helin

Founder and CEO Erik Helin shares how SPECTA has grown over the past 20 years, and expanded its offering in the competitive industrial packaging industry.

Photo of Nick Abboud - CEO of Dick Smith Electronics

Nick Abboud

CEO of Dick Smith Electronics Nick Abboud looks at how Dick Smith Electronics has remained an iconic brand within the Australian retail landscape.

Photo of Fredrik Tumegård - CEO of Net Insight

Fredrik Tumegård

CEO Fredrik Tumegård shares how Net Insight is simplifying the way TV and media are delivered, and creating quality user-friendly solutions.

Photo of Per Bertland - CEO & MD of G&L Beijer Group

Per Bertland

Per Bertland shares how G&L Beijer Group is improving the standard of manufacturing to the HVAC industry as it enters parts of Europe, Africa, and…

Photo of Peter Struik - President of Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe

Peter Struik

Peter Struik reflects on the way Fujifilm has adapted to the dramatically changing nature in which people capture and record moments in time.

Photo of John Duncan - MD of Sharp Electronics Group

John Duncan

Managing Director John Duncan on the success of Sharp Electronics Group, from humble beginnings to become one of the biggest names in the industry.

Photo of Jan Söderström - CEO of Avure Technologies

Jan Söderström

CEO of Avure Technologies Jan Söderström speaks about how the company has undergone a dramatic period of efficiency improvements in the last two years.

Photo of Ted Pretty - CEO of Hills Holdings

Ted Pretty

CEO Ted Pretty discusses how Hills Holdings has restructured to focus on innovation, spearheading technological developments across several key industries.

Photo of Manne KA Koerfer - President & CEO of Aqeri Holding AB

Manne KA Koerfer

Manne KA Koerfer discusses how Aqeri Holdings AB is serving the defence and civil industries with new technology and strong strategic partnerships.

Photo of Edward Fong - MD of Ubisoft

Edward Fong

Edward Fong discusses Ubisoft’’s rapidly expanding place in the industry, its focus on forward-thinking development, and what’’s in store in the future.

Photo of Stefan Olsson - Country Manager of Nexans

Stefan Olsson

Nexans is fast becoming the consumer’s choice for cabling solutions. Stefan Olsson shares how the company is building its presence.

Photo of Mogens Elsberg - CEO of Jabra Europe

Mogens Elsberg

Mogens Elsberg reveals how he sparked a drastic turnaround of the Jabra brand and its position in the European market.