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Maserati partners with David Beckham to break boundaries

The bold icons are dedicated to changing the way the world thinks about cars.

David Beckham Maserati

When you mix a striking red Maserati Levante Trofeo, thrilling smoky stunts performed under a downtown Miami bridge and David Beckham avoiding all his responsibilities, limits are pushed, and boundaries are broken.

Dedicated to changing the way the world thinks about motoring, Beckham and Maserati have come together to propel the luxury car brand into a bold new era.

And as two of the most recognisable figures on Earth, the partnership is destined for an electrifying future.

“It’s an exciting time for me to begin in this partnership with Maserati; an iconic Italian brand which shares my appreciation for the very best innovation and design,” Beckham explains. “I’m looking forward to working closely with the brand at such a pivotal time in its history and continuing its growth on a global scale.”

“Passion and dedication run through everything I do and Maserati shares this determination.” – David Beckham

Celebrating the joint venture, the sporting icon turned businessman was given the opportunity to reach new heights unlike ever before.

Described as being a “natural-born game-changer”, the Maserati Ambassador showcased his daring spirit while acclaimed director Harmony Korine captured the ‘Art of Fast’ in a short film.

While the stunts performed were supervised by professional drivers on a closed course, Beckham’s audacious driving was fueled by the simple joy of doing the unexpected – all the while shunning his busy schedule.

“Passion and dedication run through everything I do and Maserati shares this determination,” Beckham says.

Although the partnership is new, the two icons have a unique and progressive journey ahead.

Maserati Chief Marketing Officer Paolo Tubito explains the collaboration will shape the direction of the 106-year-old Italian company.

“The brand is moving forward, inaugurated a new Era,” Paolo says. “Maserati is driven to challenge the status quo being innovative by nature, powered by passion and unique by design.

“The partnership with David is the embodiment of all these values.”

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