Bentley has revealed its stunning new Continental GT Convertible – a third-generation grand tourer offering a perfect combination of indulgent comfort, elegance and serenity without compromising on speed.

Built from the finest handcrafted materials, the sleek, new model is breathtaking with its unique Z-fold roof, harmonious in-car technology, sophisticated features and an exhilarating speed of 0-100km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

Touted as being the pinnacle of elegant open-top travel, the GT Convertible captures the essence of the luxury brand, featuring a newly designed neck-warmer with a chrome centre vane, heated steering wheel and armrests, and ventilated front seats, allowing for a comfortable driving experience in any environment.

Sophisticated design meets equally as impressive power. A fierce 6-litre Bentley W12 engine is paired with dual-clutch eight-speed transmission to encourage an invigorating performance with a top speed of 333km/h. The sleek sport profile is longer and lower than its predecessor, however its signature power lines continue to dominate, flowing back towards the muscular rear haunches.

Lavish features include crystal-effect headlamps that catch light just like a diamond, sustainably sourced Koa or Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus veneers, the choice of a polished wooden steering wheel, pillow knurling on switches and controls to provide a softer touch, 20-way adjustable seats with heating and massage functions, as well as the option of hand cross-stitch finishing.

Technological advances are showcased throughout the convertible with a standard 10-speaker sound system (you can opt for a 16 or 18-speaker system), improved navigation with real-time traffic information, and it boasts the first automotive application of the BeoSonic system for tone setting with a one-touch user interface.

There is no screen in the centre of the dashboard until the engine ignites, and the middle veneer silently glides forward, revealing a 12.3-inch HD digital display with three windows – Bentley’s largest touchscreen in history.

Comfort is enhanced further by two technological option packs: City Specification or Touring Specification.

The hands-free boot opening, pedestrian warning, traffic-sign recognition, top-view camera and city braking systems of the City Specification allow for an effortless urban journey while the adaptive cruise control, traffic-jam assist, active lane assist, heads-up display, night vision, infrared camera and pre-sense braking of the Touring Specification optimise the customer experience for long-distance travel.

The Bentley Continental GT Convertible offers a lighter, more precise ride with its advanced 48-volt roll control system for unrivalled handling. This ensures maximum tyre-to-road contact to deliver class-leading performance.

Electric Power-Assisted Steering isolates unwanted road disturbances while the latest-generation Continuous Damping Control constantly adjusts damper forces by measuring the velocity and distance between the bespoke wheels and the body at each corner – all contributing towards a smoother drive.

Safety is optimised through the most powerful braking system ever fitted to a Bentley – armed with 28 pistons – for supremely smooth stops.

Whether you’re after Bentley’s Comfort mode for the ultimate luxury experience or want to feel the wind through your hair in Sport mode for a riveting ride, the Continental GT Convertible is guaranteed to take your breath away.

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