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Ferrari teams up with Marc Newson in a car-inspired luggage collection

With this six-piece luggage range, Ferrari’s aesthetic becomes portable.

Ferrari luggage collection

Renowned for his futuristic forms and modern aesthetics, Australian industrial designer Marc Newson boasts an impressive client list including Apple, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Hennessy and Hermès.

Now, the Sydney-born creative has teamed up with Ferrari to create a limited-edition line of car-inspired luggage that’ll have you itching for the day that international travel resumes.

The collection consists of five styles: trolley, duffel bag, garment bag, suitcase and quarantottore (a briefcase that can double as an overnight bag for short trips).

“I’ve always seen Ferrari cars – with their combination of iconic appeal, purity and performance – first and foremost as beautiful objects, then as vehicles,” Newson told Ferrari’s official magazine.

“The challenge, within the necessary proportions, was to achieve the same result with the suitcases.”

Ferrari luggage
Courtesy Ferrari

With Newson’s range, the Ferrari aesthetic becomes effortlessly portable.

The five available colorways were borrowed from classic marque interiors, with the addition of the burgundy hue ‘vinaccia’, developed exclusively for this collection.

Inside each piece of luggage is a striking yellow lining, drawing on the colour of Ferrari’s famous roadsters and the sunny architecture of Modena, the birthplace of Ferrari.

Newson incorporated a grained leather pattern into each piece, inspired by cam covers for Ferrari engines, as well as aluminium detailing made by the carmaker’s Italian suppliers.

He also enlisted the help of the marque’s engineers, who created the patented sliding mechanism on the trolley’s roller handle using the same technique as the LaFerrari pedals.

The collection was produced by Italian luxury leathergoods icon Schedoni, which has been making made-to-measure suitcases for Ferraris for the better part of 50 years.

Newson himself drives a 1955 Ferrari 857S and admits that 1950–60s Italy is a period that deeply inspires his creative work.

“Yes, I’ve always been fascinated by that historical time period,” he told Forbes.

“This collection has as its design reference point the clean and pure aesthetic of objects produced during Italy’s so-called ‘economic miracle’, which ushered in a burst of creativity.

Marc Newson
Marc Newson. Courtesy Jorn Tomter

“One of the guiding principles in the design of a Ferrari is aerodynamics and I chose to use this as the grounding philosophy for this collection as well.

“Every piece is designed to look as if it can effortlessly overcome the resistance of the earth’s atmosphere.”

Newson first collaborated with the carmaker in 2018 on a book project, the Ferrari Art & Collector’s Edition, published by Taschen, tracing the history of the iconic company. The premium edition of the hardcover rested on an aluminium stand he designed.

The luggage collection will be available exclusively to Ferrari customers through its personalisation catalogue, with each piece bearing a unique chassis number – just like the cars.

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