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VistaJet launches jet-to-yacht service to make your superyacht vacation possible

Your summer of sailing the Mediterranean awaits.

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As the super-rich look to escape the COVID-19 pandemic, yacht travel is set to soar this European summer.

To help yacht owners and charterers safely and easily reach their vessels while adhering to worldwide safety regulations, global aviation company VistaJet has announced an exciting new service called the VistaJet-to-Yacht.

The only private aviation outfitter to offer this service, VistaJet will fly guests to Malta from their preferred location, then transport them directly from the airport – nimbly skipping current Maltese quarantine requirements – to the marina where their vessel awaits.

With its secluded bays, warm waters and prime position as a yacht hub for the Mediterranean, Malta has also been recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a role model for other countries in the fight against COVID-19.

Explore Croatia’s islands, cruise up Italy’s gorgeous Amalfi coast, dock alongside the glamorous French Riviera or sail Turkey’s turquoise coast; the Mediterranean is unbeatable for summer sailing.

Vistajet recently launched a fleet of Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft

Having implemented a number of effective measures to help control the spread of the coronavirus, Malta has recorded 612 coronavirus cases with seven deaths.

VistaJet worked with country officials to develop this exclusive program for its members, which allows them to avoid quarantine by promising not to stop on Maltese soil while in transit to their yacht.

“Everyone at VistaJet continues to assess how we can better serve our customers and the greater global community during these difficult times,” says Thomas Flohr, VistaJet’s Founder and Chairman.

“Listening to expert advice, whether that be security, safety or medical, we are here to ensure that they are fully supported with their flying needs.

“This is an unusual time and one that (sic) we must all work together where possible to do whatever we can to help.”

Malta is a prime hub for the Mediterranean

All members and guests need is to request their flight departure dates and times, provide information for yacht-handling, and bring along their passport and a health declaration – VistaJet will take care of the rest.

“Everyone at VistaJet continues to assess how we can better serve our customers and the greater global community during these difficult times.”

After arriving via VistaJet flight, travellers will clear private customs in the VIP lounge before being transported by pre-sanitised vehicles directly to the marina to board their yacht, which is pre-stocked with their preferred items.

Yachters must declare their planned sailing route and while they can dock in other Mediterranean countries in adherence with those individual guidelines, they are not allowed to disembark on any Maltese islands.

Those looking to charter a yacht can book through VistaJet’s local agent or the broker of your choice.

Earlier this year, VistaJet launched the first fleet of ultra-long-haul Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft.

Amid the current pandemic, the company has also been offering complementary empty leg flights for governments and medical transportation, using its global infrastructure and expertise to help move critical medical products to where they’re needed most.

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