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Bulgari reimagines the audacious 80s with its latest jewellery collection Wild Pop

Inspired by Pop Art, disco fever and the 80s, the brand shows its rebellious side.

The eccentric collection is a bold display of the experimental, bohemian and empowered approach laced within the Bulgari DNA.

Creative Director of the brand Lucia Silvestri and her team debut 80 pieces in the high-end jewellery collection paying tribute, in part, to the iconic Andy Warhol who was a big fan of the company.

Juxtaposing the Roman elegance of Bulgari with the spirit of American Pop Art, Silvestri reaffirms her place as the innovative and rebellious mind behind the Italian jewellery and luxury goods house.

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“There are many elements in the collection that can be traced back to a Wild Pop concept,” she said.

“The black and white bracelet, for example, in onyx, platinum and diamonds. A theme that totally belongs to that period, to the 80s especially. It is rock, classic, magical and timeless.”

Bulgari continues to elevate itself this season with remarkable gemstones, striking designs and unparalleled craftsmanship capturing the glamour, playfulness and effervescence of the combined eras.

The sculptural and graphic composition of black onyx, white diamonds, and emeralds tells a story that transcends time, paying tribute to the eclectic spirit of the past while dreaming up the future of the luxury brand.

“With my team, I have created interplay between references and ideas that reflect a whole series of aspects of the 80, from the world of music to that of fashion, the clothes and colours from that period, through to the future as we saw and imagined it then. A mix of breaking away from conventions, of extravagance, freedom with colour and energy.”

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