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Camilla Franks believes that real queens share their thrones

This International Women’s Day, the Camilla Founder urges women to celebrate their tribe.

Camilla Franks

Camilla Franks has built her career on empowering and celebrating women.

Over the last 15 years, the designer has grown her eponymous lifestyle brand Camilla from a shack on Sydney’s Bondi Beach to an instantly recognisable international collection sold in 55 countries.

Drawing on her experiences as an artist and actress and her immersive overseas travels, Camilla’s pieces are vibrant, exotic and bespoke.

Every garment is hand-cut, every crystal is applied with precision and every print is placed by hand and, most importantly, made with love.

“I believe that real queens share their thrones. While I’m the ringmaster, conductor and performer, I am only one person,” Camilla admits.

“My colleagues are my tribe. My angels. My family.”

She attributes much of her success to her professional tribe and shares her throne with CEO (or Tribal Chief) Jane McNally.

“Day to day, my team, my work family, are the heart and soul of the brand and I’d be nothing without them,” she says.

Camilla Franks and Jane McNally
Jane McNally and Camilla Franks

“My colleagues are my tribe. My angels. My family. My angels have made my world a safe place to be free. And for that, I am so thankful.

“Thank you to my beautiful work family who allow me to feel free and safe to be me,” she says. “So, this International Women’s Day, join me in celebrating the tribe.

Ever since joining the Camilla Tribe in 2017, Jane embodies everything the brand stands for: vitality, strength, beauty, femininity and optimism.

“Camilla Franks places enormous emphasis on empowerment and giving her Tribe the opportunity to be the best they can be,” she explains.

“It may be a truism, but you are only ever as good as the people around you, and I like to think we have the best.”

The CEO Magazine is proud to have Camilla on board as a supporting partner of our International Women’s Day Lunch on Monday 9 March 2020.

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