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Leica Q2 Monochrom pioneers the latest advancement in compact cameras

Only two major players in the compact camera market offer a full-frame sensor in their models. German camera company Leica is taking its to the next level by adding a full-frame monochrome sensor.

Leica Q2

German camera maker Leica is continuing to develop its Q line of models with the introduction of the latest Leica Q2 Monochrom, with a full-frame monochrome sensor inside a compact body.

Full-frame sensors are normally found in larger professional DSLR cameras. Cramming them into a compact body offers the ultimate combination of the highest image quality alongside a body that can fit into most jacket pockets. Undoubtedly, it’s an expensive exercise, which is why Leica is only one of two companies to offer this kind of device.

The Q2 Monochrom steps it up even further with the monochrome sensor. These sensors capture all incoming light at each pixel regardless of colour. As a result, each pixel receives three times more light, resulting in more detail. This allows the new Q2 to rewrite the standards in black-and-white photography, even for low-light conditions.

For lens aficionados, the new Q2 Monochrom features a fast Leica Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. prime lens with precise autofocus and OLED viewfinder technology. Paired exclusively with a 47.3-megapixel full-frame monochrome sensor, the Q2 Monochrom is capable of capturing both highly detailed still pictures and 4K video at ISO sensitivities up to 100,000.

Leica’s integrated FOTOS app also makes it possible to quickly share high-quality pictures via social media through the wi-fi module. Camera settings like the shutter release can also be changed via smartphone. Bluetooth LE (low energy) enables a permanent and reliable connection between the camera and smartphone.

The operation menu has also been streamlined and is specially adapted to the features of a monochrome camera. All colour settings for image and video recording have been omitted and the menu has only been supplemented with settings for tinting black-and-white images (blue, sepia and selenium).

On the design front, the Q2 Monochrom wears a new leather covering, matte black paint, grey-and-white engravings and subtle ‘MONOCHROM’ lettering on the top. Fans will notice the absence of the iconic red Leica logo, which was intentionally omitted for an ultra-minimalist aesthetic.

Functional appointments include a protective sealing against dust and water spray, thanks to an IP52 Standard rating. Meanwhile, the ‘Made in Germany’ seal is upheld with a complete dedication to build quality and material composition.

The camera is backed up by a comprehensive list of optional accessories including protectors and carrying straps crafted from premium leather in a choice of colours. Bags and wrist straps are also on offer in different designs. While one downside is the unit’s lack of a built-in flash, owners can attach the optional Leica SF 40 and SF 60 flash units alongside the SF C1 remote flash control unit, and an additional thumb rest and handgrip in matching leatherette.

Three new, specially calculated E49 colour filters in yellow, green and orange wrap up the options list.

Leica’s Q2 Monochrom is now available and will retail for $A8,990.

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